The High-Standard Clear-span Buildings, Portable Fabric Structures & Prefab Storage Buildings In Braeburn, TX

Temporary Warehouse Structures (TWS) Company was established in 1998 to give nearby impermanent structures to permit all clear range space. Our involvement in free-range tent industry is more than 36 years. We spearheaded the arrangement of modern commercial clear range tent structure in the US. This is accommodated both short and long haul nearby arrangements. Our customers can rent or buy custom structures. 

Our group of experienced installers does the development of a transitory warehouse and build business strain texture building. Our services are offered fast and safe. This ensures convenience to our clients.

Services by TWS

Our clients can get the following services from TWS

  • Turnkey arrangement and dismantling 
  • Top appraised German-built impermanent stockroom structures 
  • First-class convenient capacity structures 
  • Top appraised Temporary development tent 
  • Excellent modern tent. This can be utilized for assembling, dissemination in oilfields, government and military or Airplane holders 
  • Temporary, clear range metal structure which can oppose solid breezes from the sea tempest and make with anodized Aluminum and top of the line without-rust stirred steel 
  • Temporary distribution center structures portfolio 

TWS solutions

We likewise offer solutions for our clients, contingent upon their needs. The accompanying show a portion of our solutions for our clients. 

Flex space for oil field services

TWS offers financially savvy arrangements that are appropriate for the energy business as they conform to the progressions in monetary and physical areas. We have an excellent record in on-location wellbeing when introducing and disassembling structures. 

Business redesign 

To guarantee continued business tasks, we ensure there is no interference from normal or human debacle or redesigns of the structure. This is done by provision of quality temporary housing structures. We highly esteem offering the clients quality materials and craftsmanship together with basically unrivaled clear range developments. 

Lunch Tent for Construction Sites 

We offer stockroom space which can be utilized for a group change, move change, and wellbeing gatherings. They are adaptable and can either be temporary or semi-changeless structures. In this, we can be trusted for quality. 

Dissimilar to what our rivals do, we offer predominant items which are sturdy and have original structure. TWS was the primary organization in America to offer clear span warehouses that are equal to or superior to those found in Europe. Our structures are heavier since we use materials with progressively significant profile aluminum expelled rafters and cavern upstanding, excited steel purlins and steel fortifying joint supplements. We do not offer occasion structures. 

We additionally utilize two-employ air expanded and Thermo rooftop textures that give a dead air space protection factor. This forestalls water and snow aggregation at the overhang, buildup dribbling into the inside structure and wind ripple of the materials. It additionally makes the structure more grounded. 

TWS quality structures meet and surpass clients’ desires. Our structures are additionally effectively versatile to meet the remarkable need of every one of our customers and the construction regulations of each state while keeping up the superior services. We stick to all security rules during our establishments while guaranteeing continued business activities. 

How to reach us

Our customers can reach us through 281-489-7811. You will get the chance to make the most of our first-class benefits in clear range developments. We will be available to examine your ventures and give you the citation upon your request.


We are continually proud to offer our clients superior material, craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings.


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