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About Temporary Warehouse Structures

Requiring additional clear span space?

Temporary Warehouse Structures are your answer!

History of TWS: The entity has more than 36 years’ experience in the industry of clear span tents. In the United States, we are pioneers in offering exclusively “industrial grade” clear structures that are span clearly for your short and long term on-site needs and customer tailor our lease or buy structures.

Your temporary store and engineered industrial tension fabric constructions on your location will be put up promptly and safely by our team of proficient installers who provide initial architecture and demolition or reconstruction.

Impermanent Storage Structures – Highly Ranked German Engineered Structures

Top-Rated Movable Stocking Buildings

Temporary tents of high class

Our industrial tents are awfully durable and can be utilized for Oilfield Services, Manufacturing, Temporary Buildings, Airplane Hangers, Military and Government, and Distribution.

TWS’s Temporary Clear Span Metal Buildings are made with Grade “A” Rust –free Galvanized steel and anodized Aluminum and can withstand hurricane-force winds.

Temporary Warehouse Structures Portfolio

Business Disruption/Renewal

Temporary Warehouse Structures is your commercial warehouse solution to get back your business to operate in event of a natural or human-related disaster disruption. Offering customers buildings that are structurally sound clear span with superior material and craftsmanship is our pride.

OilField Services on Flex Space

Temporary Warehouse Structures has continued to provide a cost-effective solution as the energy sector adjusts to change in geographical locations and economics. In installing and removing structures, Temporary Warehouse Structures have a perfect on-site safety history.

Construction Site Lunch Tents

Crew change, warehouse space for shift change and safety meetings for temporary to semi-permanent construction are flexible enough.

Other competitor companies still provide clear span tents for temporary warehousing though they are not firm, robust and high innovation like those offered in Europe. Temporary Warehouse Structures exclusively pioneered in offering this superior product in America. Due to the greater profile aluminum extruded rafters and cave uprights, galvanized purlins and galvanized steel reinforcing joint inserts, our structures are heavier. TWS does not engage in party event structures and the industry standard single ply fabrics do not measure to our two-ply air inflated fabric. Qualities of dead air space insulation, the absence of water or snow accumulation at eaves, no interior condensation dripping, lack of material wind flutter and more structure firmness are provided by our Thermo Roofs.

Several quality structures provided by TWS were easily adapted to meet our unique requirements and local building codes without affecting the tight delivery deadline and continue to overperform our expectations. By providing professional installation free from business interruption, TWS meets and exceeds all strict safety guidelines in all cases.

Our pride is to continue offering superior material, craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings to our customers. Reach us TODAY at 281 489 7811 to request a quote or deliberate your project.

We are continually proud to offer our clients superior material, craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings.


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