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Temporary Warehouse Structures VS Standard Event Tents

Clearspan tents have been known to come in handy in a varying number of situations. Aside from the ordinary parties/ events, clear span tents can also be used as warehouses to hold merchandise for sale or in transit in cases where one cannot afford an actual building. Event and party tent companies all over the US have been offering their tents for use as warehouses for a long time. However, these tents have been lacking in terms of strength, durability, and craftsmanship. It is for this reason that Temporary Warehouse Structures, a company started in 1998, decided to come up with structures that were more unique, stronger and superior to the normal tents so that they could be used as temporary warehouses. TWS has over 36 years of experience in the clear span tent industry and were the pioneers of the ‘industrial grade’ temporary tents in the United States. Their structures are a lot more superior to the standard clear span tents in terms of the following:

  • The material used – while normal tents are made from ordinary metal poles which are used to hold them upright and which may be dangerous and unsafe if not properly instilled, Temporary Warehouse Structures are fitted with high profile aluminum rafters and cave uprights, that help to hold them up. Their joint inserts and purlins are made from galvanized steel meant to provide reinforcement to the tent structures. This makes their whole structure a lot stronger and therefore not susceptible to factors like harsh weather which would completely destroy ordinary tents. These make Temporary Warehouse Structures a lot more superior to ordinary tents in terms of their innovative design.
  • Roofing – In place of the standard single ply fabric used to construct ordinary tents, Temporary Warehouse Structures use two-ply air-inflated roof fabric instead. The 2 ply fabric is far more superior to the standard one for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the air space offers an insulation factor which protects the tent from gaining or oozing heat depending on the weather conditions. They also allow no water or snow to accumulate at neither the eaves nor any condensation to drip into the structure’s interior as is usually the case with ordinary tents. Lastly, no wind can flatter off the material. This makes it a lot more superior to the ordinary tents because this reinforces their strength and enables them to withstand very rough weather conditions like hurricanes and turf winds.
  • Meeting safety guidelines – Standard tents are built according to ordinary standards with no specific guidelines to be followed during their construction. Temporary Warehouse Structures, however, meet and exceed all the safety guidelines put in place for them during construction, installation and even removal. They are also adapted to meet the unique requirements of industrial warehouses and even building codes. They are therefore more convenient to client’s needs than ordinary tents.

These are some of the factors that make Temporary Warehouse Structures way more superior to standard event tents when it comes to their use as temporary warehouses.

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