Best Portable Warehouse Buildings, Prefab Storage Buildings & Clear-Span Buildings In Buckhorn, TX

Do you need spacious clear span space, our temporary on-site storage structures are the answer. We started our trade in the years 1998 and ever since we have offered superior material and durable temporary structures. We are therefore one of the most experienced temporary structure manufacturers in the country, with over 36 years and counting of experience. We are proud to have been the pioneers of industrial-grade clear span structures that offer short and long term on-site solutions. We offer a wide range of temporary structures including temporary buildings, portable storage buildings and construction sites for purchase or lease. We work with experienced and committed installers who construct a temporary warehouse and tension fabric buildings quickly to meet delivery timelines. They also provide disassembly and turnkey setup services. Contact us today by dialing 281-489-7811. 

Our Portfolio 

Business Interruption and Renovation 

Renovation work is not a one-day affair as it takes a lot of planning and time. Whenever disasters strike your business therefore, you are forced to close shop for some time thus affecting your returns negatively. That is the reason why we offer commercial warehouse structures where you can set up your business and continue operating as renovation works continue. Our structures are made of superior material and structurally sound to ensure that they withstand the different weather elements. 

Flex Space for Oilfields 

The energy sector continues to adjust to the changes in geographical locations and economics. These constant changes demand for temporary structures and that is the reason why we offer cost-effective warehouse structures. Our structures speak volumes about themselves owing to their perfect safety record and fast installation capabilities. They are therefore the perfect fit to be used in flex spaces for oil fields. 

Lunch Tents for Construction Sites 

Constructions sites need flexible temporary and semi-permanent structures, as they are not permanent themselves. We are proud to offer structurally sound temporary structures made of superior material that can be used in construction sites. Our structures can be used as lunch tents, safety meetings, shift change, and crew change spaces in construction sites. Owing to their easy installation and disassembling, our structures are perfect for use in construction sites. 

Why Choose Us 

Using our high level of experience in temporary structures, we have been able to dominate our markets across the country. That is the reason why the strength, innovative design, and durability of our structures are unmatched. We use aluminum rafters and galvanized purlins as well as joint inserts when constructing our temporary structures, thus adding to their durability and strength. We also install thermo roofs on our structures to avoid the accumulation of water and snow on their eaves. Our structures observe the safety guidelines and local building codes. 

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We are continually proud to offer our clients superior material, craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings.


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