The Effective Temporary Warehouse Building, Storage Building & Thermo Roof Air System In Eagle Lake, TX

Are you looking to establish a temporary structure that will offer you a lot of usable space? Are you a manufacturer, contractor or would you like to build a hangar? Are you looking for an American company that offers you superior quality of tents? If this is you or your organization then such no further because Temporary Warehouse Structures (TWS) has you covered. 

As pioneers with an accumulated 36 years of experience in the industry of clear span tents, Temporary Warehouse Structures is more than capable of handling your needs for industrial-grade tents. We do not offer or deal in tents for events or parties. At TWS, we focus on industrial-grade metallic tents that can be used in oilfields, airport hangars, manufacturing companies, production lines or facilities, construction sites, the military as well as the hospitality industry as lunch tents.

To maintain our quality products, we use materials of a superior quality which are aluminum and high grade galvanized steel. We also have a team that is skilled in designing and installing these industrial-grade tents. We are incomparable to other entities in this industry of clear span tents because our products are strong, durable and have a customized design to suit the needs of a particular client. 

At Temporary Warehouse Structures, we ensure that we provide an enjoyable experience to our customers throughout the journey of designing, production, and installation at their desired location. Our team is always ready to handle your concerns and also provide maintenance services for our clear span tents. 

Previously in America, it was difficult to find clear span tents of a superior quality similar to the ones in Europe. Therefore, as Temporary Warehouse Structures, we decided to use the best rated German engineering designs and materials for industrial-grade tents thus making our products to stand out. Furthermore, we not only adopted this design but also tailor-made it to fit the needs of the people in the United States of America. 

Our tents may also be used as a warehouse since they provide our clients with two main benefits, they provide storage on-site as well as portable structures that are movable in case the client wants to relocate. The portable nature of our products makes them cost-efficient since a company need not build a separate building every time they relocate. Moreover, this technology has been tried and tested vastly in Europe as well as Australia which gives our clients confidence in our products. 

We mostly engage in turnkey projects which are also known as Engineer, Procure and Construct type of projects. This is where our team handles the design and ensure it is made to the clients’ requirements in terms of space desired and weather conditions in the desired location. After engineering, we ensure we procure all materials necessary to make the product and finally transport it and install it at the client’s desired location.

Call us today on 281-489-7811 and talk about your venture or even get a quotation. Do not wait any further; we are eager to serve you and let you have a taste of what we do!!

We are continually proud to offer our clients superior material, craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings.


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