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In 1998, two men with vast experience in the German clear span tent industry founded Temporary Warehouse Structures. This company was the first of its kind in the USA since no other company had attempted to provide the temporary warehouse market with industrial standards clear span tent structure.

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However, there were a number of event and party tent companies offering clear span tents. However, none of these could match the strength and durability of the ones offered in Europe. Temporary Warehouse Structures, therefore, became the first company to provide superior clear span tents similar to those in Europe. Our structures are comparable to none other. They are much heavier due to characteristics such as larger profiles, aluminum extruded rafters caving upright and galvanized steel purlins. Furthermore, reinforcing joint inserts are also made of galvanized steel. We, however, do not offer event and party structures.

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Our clear span warehouses also boast a 2 ply air-inflated roof fabric. No single ply roof fabric in the industry can match this. Other characteristics of our roofs include a dead air space insulation factor, zero water and snow accumulation on eaves, no wind flutter, no dripping of condensed water droplets on the inside of the structure etc. The roof of the structure also serves in strengthening it.

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