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About Temporary Warehouse Structures

Have you been trying to find where to get high-quality temporary structures in the country?

Then you need to calm down as the answer to your problem is just one call away from you. we here at Temporary Warehouse Structures are the leading company that offers top-notch temporary structures from clear span tents to warehouse structures.

We have been in the scene for over 36 years, which has enabled us to learn from our mistakes and fine-tuned our products and services. You can trust us in providing you the best temporary structures that you need. You can either lease or buy our products, as we never want to leave our clients behind.

In case you want to join our bandwagon, you can do so by just giving us a call by dialing our number (281) 489-7811 and we will provide you with the temporary structures that you need.

Business interruption

If there is one grievous mistake that you can ever make as a business owner, is closing your business in order for the renovation works to continue. This will not only make you make losses but also may make you lose important clients that you need. That is why you need to always make sure that your business is operational at all times.

Our structures here at Temporary Warehouse Structures are not only innovatively crafted specifically for your business needs but also made of superior material thus adding onto their durability. We are committed to ensuring that your business is operational at all times.

Flex space in oilfield services

The energy industry is experiencing some adjustment, as economics and geographical locations where the minerals are located continue to change. That is why you need temporary structures, as they are not portable but also ideal for use in the oil field services.

Our temporary structures here at temporary structures are not only affordable but cost-effective, as we are committed to offering solutions to all our client’s needs. In addition, we manufacture them using superior materials, so that they can withstand the various weather elements that you can experience in oilfields. You can trust us in offering you the structures that you need.

Lunch tents in construction sites

Just like in oilfields, construction sites keeps on changing each and every day. You do not want to construct permanent structures in a construction site that you will leave next week. That is where our temporary structures come in handy.

Our structures are not only temporary to fit construction sites needs but also innovatively designed. You can rely on them to create lunch tents, crew change, or even safety meeting space for your construction site needs.

We are continually proud to offer our clients superior material, craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings.


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