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The Benefits of Using Temporary Warehouse Structures

Whether you need a lunch tent for your construction workers, a temporary warehouse to store your goods in transit, or a temporary structure to operate from in your oilfield, clear span tents can always come to your rescue. However, normal standard version clear tents have several shortcomings when it comes to their strength, stability, durability, and safety. Temporary Warehouse Structures saw this gap and decided to design structures that are tailor-made specifically to be used as temporary warehouses. With over 36 years of experience in the tent-making industry, they were able to identify the areas in which normal clear span tents were lacking and to design temporary structures that fill those gaps. Their Temporary Warehouse Structures offer a number of benefits to their users which include:

  • They are strong, durable and of superior design

Normal tents are no doubt suited for their usual functions which include providing shelter during events and or parties. However, when it comes to their use as warehouses, they can barely measure up to Temporary Warehouse Structures which are made specifically to be used as warehouses. They are made from very superior products from their roofs to their rafters and cave uprights. Their rafters and cave uprights are made from extruded aluminum which makes them have a larger profile and a lot heavier. Their joint inserts and purlins are both made from galvanized steel for extra reinforcement.

These make Temporary Warehouse Structures stronger and steadier than ordinary tents. Their roofs are also made from 2 ply air-insulated fabric rather than the single-ply fabric used for normal tents. The insulation helps to retain heat. Additionally, their roofs do not allow any water or ice to accumulate at the eaves; neither do they allow condensation to drip into the structure like ordinary tents do. Their strength is also ensured by the fact that wind does not flutter the material used to make the tents.

  • They can withstand tough weather conditions

Because of their complex, strong and customized design, Temporary Warehouse Structures are able to withstand extreme weather conditions like hurricanes and tough winds that would otherwise lay waste to ordinary tents. Their strength also enables them to be used in conditions where there is either extreme heat or lack of it because they retain heat and do not accumulate snow. They are therefore ideal for use in ventures that take place under these extreme conditions.

  • They provide both long term and short term solutions

Unlike normal tents that can only be used as a temporary warehousing solution, Temporary Warehouse Structures can be used over the long term. This is owing to the fact that they are designed to be very durable and stand stable for long periods of time.

  • They adhere to safety guidelines

Temporary Warehouse Structures are designed to meet and exceed warehousing requirements as well as building codes. They also strictly adhere to safety guidelines during their construction, installation or disassembly. This ensures the safety of your merchandise and the personnel who will be using the structures.

These are some of the benefits of using temporary warehouse structure for your temporary warehouse needs.

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