Effective Thermo Roof Air System Buildings, Clear-Span Buildings & Prefab Storage Building In Fifth Street, TX

Temporary Warehouse Structures is a leading construction company that deals in temporary buildings, portable storage buildings, and construction tents. We started our trade-in 1998 which makes it over 36 years in the business. This speaks of our high level of experience in offering temporary structures for both commercial and residential use. We are the pioneers of industrial-grade clear span structures in the United States, which solves short and long term on-site solutions. We do offer our structures for both lease and buying plans because we understand that not all customers are well financially. Our experienced team of installers constructs temporary structures safely and quickly in order to meet your delivery timelines. To book our services and get a quote from your project contact us by dialing 281-489-7811. 

Our Portfolio 

Business Interruption and Renovation 

We take the interests of business very serious as Temporary Warehouse Structures. We work across the clock to ensure that we help our customers grow their business, by offering quality structures and services that they need, in case of disasters; we offer our customers commercial warehouse structures which they use as substitutes of their business to give time for renovation works. This goes a long way in enabling them to maximize their returns and put a smile on their faces. 

Flex Space for Oilfields 

Energy sector experiences adjustments due to the change in locations and economics. That is why most times than not, oilfields are located in rural areas without facilities. Temporary Warehouse Structures become the main refuge to oilfield workers as it gives them the space that they need. That is the reason why we offer cost-effective structures that are safe and easy to install, to be used in oilfields. 

Lunch Tents for Construction Sites 

Due to the semi-permanent state of the majority of construction sites, temporary buildings become the answer for creating space. We are proud to offer temporary structures that are made using superior material and craftsmanship, which are structurally sound. Our structures are perfect to be used to create safety meetings, shift change, and crew change space. Our structures are ideal to be used in construction sites because they are easy to install. 

Why Choose Us 

Our structures at Temporary Warehouse Structures speak for themselves, owing to their durability, innovative design, and strength. We construct them using aluminum rafters, galvanized steel purlins and reinforcing joint inserts to add to their strength. That is the reason why our structures are heavy and can be able to withstand harsh conditions. We also install thermo roofs to our structures to ensure that there is no snow or water accumulation on the eaves. We observe local building codes and safety guidelines when construction of our structures.

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We are continually proud to offer our clients superior material, craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings.


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