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The legendary name of clear span tent industry relates to the year 1998. This is where it all emanated from. The tent structure we first came up with had an “industrial grade” feel. All the on-site requirements that our clients need, we deliver with much expertise, this has been happening for the last 36 years.

Our installers are professionals and apart from constructing the temporary warehouse, they also set it up professionally and also remove the structures when needed.

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We have the best durable tents that you can ever come across. Much as they can be meant for temporary buildings Manufacturing, Distribution, Oilfield Services, Military and Government, and Airplane Hangars, these tents have been uniquely designed to overcome the strong hurricane winds. They have a coating of galvanized steel and anodized aluminum.

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  • Business Interruption / Renovation

With our commercial warehouse solution, you can get your business back to normal, no need to worry if a disaster occurs the materials at hand are strong enough and have been carefully crafted to come up with structurally sound clear span buildings like no other.

Flex Space for Oilfield Services

Our professionals have the best of knowledge and experience in the installation and removal of the structures. Whenever you consider having a Temporal Warehouse Structure, just remember it is cheaper and much safer.

Lunch Tent for Construction Sites

Our best time is when we give the best services to our clients and that means superior material and craftsmanship through the provision of structurally sound clear span buildings. Do not hesitate to Contact us today!

We have had many other tent companies coming up with temporary warehouses, but their level of expertise is far below what should be expected in terms of quality, durability, and strength. What makes our structures unique is the fact that our structures are heavier, given that they have steel purlins and galvanized steel reinforcement in between the joints. Our structures are more than just the event structures. They also have strong insulation through a 2 ply roof fabric that ensures minimal accumulation of water droplets at the eaves. There is no condensation that can happen in this case.

TWS structures are adapted to the requirements at hand, they are also in line with the building codes. For as long as you are our client, expect superior material, craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings.

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We are continually proud to offer our clients superior material, craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings.


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