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We have an experience of 36 years in precise span tent industry having started our operations in 1998 in the United States of America. We were the first group to provide quality grade clear span tent structures for your temporary or permanent solutions on the site. Our clients have access to routine arrangements either for hire or for sale. For those of you who require bright span space, we have on-site temporary storage buildings.

We have a lineup of experienced personnel who install your semi-permanent storehouse and industrially manufactured textile structure on the site securely and without wasting time. We offer an excellent appearance, and we also dismantle the structures when you are through with them.

Our rating

At Temporary Warehouse Structures, we rank at the top in offering German-engineered short-term buildings, portable storage buildings, and best-in-class semi-permanent construction tents.

The uses of the tents

The exceptionally long-lasting industrial tents are for the manufacture of temporary buildings, oilfield services, distribution, for government and the armed forces, and airplane sheds.

The semi-permanent bright span metal buildings can resist hurricane-force winds. We use the best grade metals free from rust, i.e. galvanized steel and anodized Aluminum.

Our portfolio

Interruption or renovation of business

In case your business gets disruptions either from natural or human-made disaster, we come in handy to give you solutions that bring your business back into operation. We pride in providing our customers with high-quality materials, services and magnificent structures with bright span buildings.

Flex space for oilfield services

We also provide flex space for oil field services since the energy has to adjust to the ever-changing geographical and economic conditions. Our solutions are always cost-effective, and we have an excellent record of safety during installation and removal of structures.

Lunch tent for construction sites

We have storehouse space for transfer change, team change and safety gatherings, which is adjustable for temporary and non-durable buildings. We give our clients quality objects and labor in the construction of sound transparent span structures. You can contact us today for more information.

Several parties and event organizers have been offering low-quality span tents which are weak, unstable and which are not attractive in design in comparison to those available in Europe. Temporary Warehouse Structures was the pioneer’s company in America to provide this excellent product. We have high-density structures that have rafters and cave uprights made from durable aluminum. The inserts and purlins have the reinforcement of galvanized steel, making them heavy. 

We do not provide party or event construction, and we provide double-ply roof textile that is air-filled that is more superior to the typical single manufacture ply fabric. Our roofs are heated to give an insulting vacuum interior which withstands wind making the structure very strong. 

Our structures

TWS has continued to give excellent services that are beyond our prospect. The fabrics are flexible, and they meet our unique needs of building regulations, and we also deliver on time. 

TWS meets and surpasses all the safety standards in our provision of expert constructions without interfering with your business. 

At TWS, we forever boast of providing excellent materials, artwork, and remarkable clear span structures. 

Feel free to talk to us by calling 281-489-7811 today and let’s discuss your venture or get a quotation from us.

We are continually proud to offer our clients superior material, craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings.


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