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In 1998, two men came together and put up the idea that is Temporary Warehouse Structures today. Their knowledge in the business descended from the fact that they had been working in the clear span tent German industry for 36 years. Their realization that there was no company specializing in the clear span constructions for the temporary warehouse market was a great inspiration.

Storage Structures, Lunch Tents, Portable Fabric Structures, Thermo Roof Air Systems, HVAC, Clear-Span Buildings In Midtown, Texas

Before the establishment of Temporary Warehouse Structures, the providers of clear span tents for temporary warehouse market services were some party and event companies. However, these tents neither had the design, nor the strength or durability to effectively cater to the temporary warehouse market business. This is where Temporary Warehouse Structures came in. We developed clear span structures with large aluminum rafters and reinforced joint inserts galvanized in steel. The purlins as well are galvanized in steel.

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Our roofs are built with a superior 2 ply air inflated fabric providing for dead ‘airspace’ insulation. It never allows snow or water to accumulate on the eaves. Furthermore, the fabric does not allow condensation to drip into the interior structure. Also in addition to further strengthening the structure, the roof is resistant to wind flutter.

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