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We have been in the clear span tent market since 1998 and have over three decades of experience in the provision of our services. We are the first company in the US to singly provide ‘industrial grade’ clear span tent structures both your lengthy and transitional at the site solutions. Our products are either sold or hired to clients.

We quickly and safely fix your temporary warehouse and engineered industrial tension fabric structures through our knowledgeable professionals. We offer turnkey structures and disassembly.

  • Temporary Warehouse Structures – Top Rated German Engineered Temporary Buildings
  • Top Rated Portable Storage Buildings
  • Best In Class Temporary Construction Tents

Extremely Durable Industrial Tents That Can Be Used For Temporary Buildings Manufacturing, Distribution, Oilfield Services, Military and Government, and Airplane Hangars.

Our Temporary Clear Span Metal Buildings Can Withstand Hurricane Force Winds And Are Made With Grade “A” Stainless Galvanized Steel And Anodized Aluminum.

  • Temporary Warehouse Structures Portfolio
  • Business Interruption / Renovation

In case a man-made or a natural disaster disrupts your business, Temporary Warehouse Structures will provide you with an excellent solution for your business continuity. Our materials are of top-class and build with the latest technology. The clear span constructions that we offer are structurally sound.

Flex Space for OilField Services

The energy subfield continues to change in response to dynamics in the economics and geographical locations. We offer affordable Temporary Warehouse solutions to accommodate these changes. We have a well documented on-site safety record as we fix or remove structures.

Lunch Tent for Construction Sites

We provide warehouse solutions for either your shift or crew changes that can be transformed into temporary or semi-permanent structures. Our materials are of high quality and technology with a clear assurance of structurally sound clear span tent structures. Contact our professionals today!

Numerous companies are offering clear span tents in the American market for short-term use as a warehouse but the quality, design features, and durability of their products are of low standards in comparison with European market offerings. This is the reason why the Temporary Warehouse Tent was created to supply products that match the ones offered in the European market. Our structures are made from galvanized steel and hardened aluminum. We go beyond the industry standard by offering double ply instead of single ply roof fabrics. Our thermo roof products are meant to ensure that no air is let in, no water and snow gathering at the eaves, and no vapor condensing and flowing to the interior. The thermo roof feature hardens the structure and prevents any flapping by the wind.

TWS meet the local building codes and are delivered to clients as per their schedule. We install the warehouse as per the safety guidelines and ensure that the business is not interrupted.

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We are continually proud to offer our clients superior material, craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings.


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