High-Standard Storage Buildings, Tent Structure & Industrial Tent Structures In Orchard, TX

As pioneers in the clear span tent industry since our establishment in 1998, Temporary Warehouse Structures continue to provide industrial-grade tents for our wide range of clients in the United States of America.

Our product is very flexible and especially suitable for many clients because:

  • It does not require a special foundation. Our products, clear span tents do not require a unique foundation to be set up. This saves our clients more for excavation and soil treatments that would have been used had they needed a foundation.
  • Easy to expand the usable space. Our tents are easily adjustable to provide a larger usable space for our clients.
  • Rust free. Our products are rust free because we used adonized aluminum and high grade galvanized steel which is not susceptible to the formation of iron (iii) oxide which may also be referred to as rust. 
  • Durable to adverse weather conditions. During design, our team of engineers and installers put into account the weather conditions of the desired location of the client. Therefore, if the client is in a place that experiences hurricanes or strong rains, the design team can factor that in. This results in a product that can withstand adverse weather conditions in any location. 
  • Tailor-made to the clients’ requirements. At Temporary Warehouse Structures, we do not believe in the one size fits all kind of production. We customize the design of the tents ordered by our clients to give a personalized touch to all the products delivered. Furthermore, our skillful team ensures that every element is carefully engineered to provide a functioning, structurally determinate and safe clear span tent. Therefore, this creates a safe working or storage space for our clients. This is an additional benefit to the large space at their disposal created by the long spans within the tent allowing for commercial activities such as manufacturing and production as well as storage space on-site up to fifty thousand square feet! 
  • Thermal roof. The existence of a thermal roof in our industrial grade and superior quality tents leaves no room for seepage of water or condensation on the internal side of the tent which increases the strength of the structure. 

Our products are for commercial and storage use only. Therefore, we do not provide tents for parties or events. Our tents are heavy because we use high grade galvanized steel and aluminum in their production. This makes them unsuitable for parties and events which require lighter tents. Furthermore, our products have aluminum rafters and galvanized purlins as well as joint inserts which make the weight of our products to be higher.

The roofs of our clear span tents are 2 plies as compared to many in the tent industry which are one ply. This makes our products stronger and more durable as compared to other tent products in the market. Our clearspan tents at Temporary Warehouses are designed to ensure that no water or snow can accumulate at the eaves of the tents. This makes our structures more durable as water at the eaves could weaken the structures.

We would be glad to offer you structurally sound solutions made from genuine material while employing superior craftsmanship. Contact us TODAY at 281-489-781 with your inquiries and even to request a quote. You do not want to miss out!

We are continually proud to offer our clients superior material, craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings.


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