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The Temporary Warehouse Structures was formed in 1998. The masterminds behind this technology are two men that had worked in clear span tent industry in Germany for a period of 36 years. At that time, there was no company that provided ‘industrial grade’ tent structures for the warehouse market.  This explains why a good number of party/event companies used clear span tents as temporary warehouses. However, this was not the best way since they were fragile, less durable and had not been made in an attractive way like the ones in Europe.


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It is for the same reason that we came up with Temporary Warehouse Structures is the best in America and is proud to offer the superior product that has not been existing for so long. First of all, these structures are heavy because they have been made of an aluminum material that covers the cave uprights and extruded rafters. It also has some lining of steel that is meant to strengthen the joint inserts and steel purlins. We never offer these structures for party/ event functions.


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The 2 ply roof fabric is one of a kind as it is air inflated, hence making it much superior. The thermo roofs also give the advantage of giving enough air space insulation hence there is no chance of water or snow accumulating. There are also no chances of condensation on the interior, the wind cannot in any way destroy the material since the structure is sturdy. Serving our clients is our strength. We can do this again and again, to supply you with strong materials, latest designs for the creation of sound clear span buildings that always look great.


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