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Advantages of Using Temporary Warehouse Structures Over Standard Event Tents For Your Impromtu Warehouse Needs

Your business can face severe disruption should your usual workspace/warehouse be destructed by an accident or any other form of calamity be it man-made or natural. Scenarios like these have forced people to turn to on-site temporary storage buildings in order to help their buildings stay in operation. This is because depending on the size of a business, a disruption can cause losses of very significant magnitude to the business and to the owner as well. While traditionally, most people turn to the standard event tents and use them as temporary warehouses until their normal ones are fixed, there are several challenges associated with the using the normal event tents as a makeshift warehouse. It is for this reason that TWS decided to come up with the on-site temporary storage buildings. This is because unlike the normal event tents, they have several advantages in terms of strength, safety, and durability that will reduce risk to the business in case they are used. The advantages of using Temporary Warehouse Structures over standard event tents for your warehouse needs include:

  • Superior strength, durability and design

While many event/party tents companies have been offering their tents for use as makeshift warehouses, these tents have been lacking in terms of strength, durability, and quality. However, TWS offer heavier structures, thanks to the huge aluminum cave uprights and extruded rafters that are used in them. The tents are also reinforced by joint inserts and steel purlins made of galvanized steel making them a lot stronger than ordinary tents. The roofs which arguably, are the most important parts of the tents are made by 2 ply roof fabric that is inflated by air hence making them a lot more superior than normal tents. The Thermo roofs have an air space for insulation, allow neither the accumulation of water nor snow at the eaves, no condensation dripping to the interior as is usually the case with ordinary tents. These add strength and durability to the material.

  • They meet and exceed safety guidelines

Temporary Warehouse Structures have always met and exceeded clients’ expectations as they have been modified to meet the unique requirements set for local building codes. They also meet all the strict safety rules, guidelines and specifications during installation and disassembly. They are therefore approved in terms of safety for use as warehouses and are not therefore risky to property or people.

  • They can be used over both long term and short term periods.

Unlike standard tents which can only be used over the short term, Temporary Warehouse Structures are very strong and durable and thus can be used as a long term solution to your warehousing needs.

  • Can withstand some disasters

The temporary clear span metal structures have been built to withstand harsh weather conditions including hurricanes and are therefore bound to protect your stored merchandise more than normal tents can. They are also made with anodized aluminum to arrest lightning and prevent disruption of lives or property.

These are some of the advantages of Temporary Warehouse Structures.

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