Top-Rated Clear-span Buildings, Portable Fabric Storage & Portable Lunch Tent In Rayford, TX

Who we are

Temporary Warehouse Structures (TWS) provide on-site make-shift storage building that ensures more clear span space for the businesses. TWS began in 1998 and currently have experience of more than 36 years in the clear span tent service provision. We were the pioneer company to offer industrial grade clear span tent buildings in the United States. Our structures are suitable for long and short-term on-site solutions. The customers have the option of hiring or buying our custom structures. 

We have professional installers who build make-shift warehouse and engineered commercial tension structures faster and safely. 

What we offer

  • First class make-shift structures
  • Turnkey setup and dismantle
  • Top-notch portable storage building
  • Top rated temporary construction tents
  • Make-shift warehouse structures portfolio
  • Extremely long-lasting industrial tents which can be used in airplane hangars, military storage camps, and oil fields
  • Make-shift clear span metal buildings that are made of Grade A galvanized steel which is rust free and can withstand hurricane winds

Our solutions

We come in when you need us the most. Our solutions are offered within the shortest time possible, and safety is guaranteed. The following illustrates our solution:

Business interruption/ Renovation

We ensure that business operations continue well without any interruption in cases of emergencies or renovation. If a business wants to renovate their premises, it will mean there is a need for temporary space where they can store their goods. This is where we come in. We offer structurally sound clear span construction done with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. 

Flex space for oil field services

The energy sector experience changes in terms of economic and geographical location. Since permanent location can be costly, we provide a cost-effective solution through our more space clear span buildings. The structures are safe, and we have a perfect record on this in terms of installation and removal of structures.

Lunch tent for construction sites

Our services are adaptable for both temporary and semi-permanent buildings. Therefore our buildings are suitable for a crew change, shift change and safety meetings. 

What differentiates us?

Strength, durability, and innovative design are what differentiate us from our competitors. No one except us has been able to provide clear span warehouses that were available in Europe. TWS is the first of its kind in America to offer superior products. Our structures are durable since they are made from large profile aluminum extruded rafters that cave upright, galvanized steel purlins and galvanized underpinning joint inserts. Our two-ply air inflated and thermos roof is protective to the structure and adds its strength. 

We also offer superior structures that meet and exceed clients’ expectation. The buildings are flexible, and they can change according to the clients’ requirement and location construction codes without affecting turnaround time. 

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We are continually proud to offer our clients superior material, craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings.


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