The Best Clear-Span Buildings, Temporary Storage Buildings & Portable Fabric Structures In Shepherd, TX


Temporary Warehouse Structures was established in 1998, having more than 36 years of skills in the bright range canvas field. We were the lead company in America to solely provide a mechanical status of colorful span canvas structures for your temporal or permanent on-site answers. We give our customers everyday makeup for rent or buying.

Our group of well-trained constructors installs your temporary store and manufactured tension textile on your location securely and fast. Among the services that we offer are:

  • Erection and dismantling of turnkey
  • Top ranking German-initiated non-permanent constructions
  • High-quality portable warehouse
  • Excellent in-class semi-permanent building canvasses
  • We offer enormously long-lasting industrial shades that can be used for short term constructions, distribution, oilfield administrations, armed forces and legislature, and airplane hangars.
  • Temporary bright range metal structures made with quality grade non-rusting galvanized and anodized aluminum which can resist the storm winds forces. 

Our portfolio

Business interference and repair

If a business gets interruptions from disasters that occur naturally or as a result of human action, Temporary Warehouse Structures offers a commercial storage solution that brings your business back to life. We take pride in giving you excellent quality textile, artwork, and structurally beautiful and transparent span constructions.

Flex space for oilfield administrations 

Due to economic and geological locations changes, the energy industry must be flexible enough to accommodate these changes. TWS offers affordable answers which ensure security record during the erection and pulling down of the structures.

Lunch canvasses for building locations

We provide storage site for team and shift change, security gatherings that is adjustable enough for short-term installations. We boast of giving our customers excellence in materials, artistry, and structures that are superior. Call us today and enjoy our services!

Several businesses have been offering bright range canvasses, but they have continually been failing in providing reliable, durable, and creative designs like the ones that were available in Europe. Temporary Warehouse Structures led in offering these superior quality products in America. We provide constructions that are heavy because of aluminum added rafters. The stands and purlins reinforcements are made of galvanized steel. Our structures are not for party or occasions, but we give double-ply air-filled rooftops that are better than the standard one ply textures. Our roofs are heated to provide vacuum insulation with no vapor or mist buildup at the edges. There is also no liquid falling inside the structure, and the wind cannot shake the structure due to its strength. 

Temporary Warehouse Structures offers superior quality constructions that go beyond our anticipation. The installations were modified to agree with our specific needs and local structural codes, and they do not interrupt our delivery period. TWS also observes the safety standards in the provision of expert installations without affecting your operations.

Call us today on 281-489-7811 and talk about your venture or even get a quotation. Do not wait any further; we are eager to serve you and let you have a taste of what we do!!

We are continually proud to offer our clients superior material, craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings.


For more information or a quote, please contact us. Find out how Temporary Warehouse Structures can help with your next project.

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