High-flying Portable Fabric Structure, Thermo Roof Air System & Storage Building In Simonton, TX


Founded in the year 1998, Temporary Warehouse Structures provides solutions on clear span space. We have garnered over 36 years of experience in the tent industry, particularly, clear span tents. We have a team of experienced installers who will erect the warehouse and ensure that it is done on time as well as in a safe environment.

Our structures are one of the top-rated temporary buildings in Germany in terms of engineering and portability. Located in Houston, Texas, we are proud to be pioneers in this industry as we offer industrial-grade clear span tents. 

Our products are suitable for short-term as well as long term usage and we offer this service across varied industries such as aviation, construction as well as hospitality. Temporary Warehouse Structures have high-quality products to guarantee durability in industrial tents or warehouses. Our very skillfully engineered tents can withstand weather elements such as force winds from a hurricane and are not susceptible to rust.

We have managed to offer professional services to all our clients which is clear by the testimonials given on our website describing Temporary Warehouse Structures as prompt, unique, professional and safe. They would also recommend us to other organizations as well as give us repeat business. 

Temporary Warehouse Structures also has clients in the oil industry and we offer flex-space for oil fields. This is to accommodate the changing energy industry which is now expanding to various geographical locations that come with different weather conditions. Our temporary structures provide a good solution for this as they are very flexible.

As earlier mentioned in this article, we also have clients in the construction industry. Our tents serve many purposes on a construction site such as meeting spaces, lunch spaces or even relaxation spaces on a construction site in case of adverse weather conditions. 

Our tents are also suitable for manufacturing businesses and are available at two financial options, purchase and lease. Temporary Warehouse Structures was the first American company to produce high-quality industrial-grade clear span tents. 

Our products neither rust nor do they accumulate rain or snow thus they are not easily damaged. Our website contains a whole lot more information than this article and it would be very beneficial if you are looking to purchase or lease a clear span tent. Our products are of a heavyweight due to the materials and the type of structure of our products. 

At Temporary Warehouse Structures, we ensure that we deliver quality products to all our clients. Furthermore, we pride ourselves in delivering promptly and we always aim to please. In case of any clarification or further information required, fell free to contact us via call or e-mail.

Temporary Warehouse Structures is American making tents for America.




We are continually proud to offer our clients superior material, craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings.


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