The Effective Industrial Tent Storage, Portable Lunch Tents & Storage Building In Waverly, TX

Are you looking for more clear span space, and wondering where to start? 

Look no further! You are now at the home of On-Site Temporary Storage Buildings.


TEMPORARY WAREHOUSE STRUCTURES (Established 1998) is a homegrown company in the USA with industry experience spanning over 36 years with clear span tent installations as our area of specialization. We pride ourselves as the country’s pioneers in offering internationally certified clear span tent structures. We offer our clients the option to lease or purchase custom structures depending on the time frame of their operations or projects.

Our expertise is attributed to our team of highly experienced installers who employ the highest skill in constructing industrial tension fabric structures and temporary warehouses on-site in a quick and safe manner. We also specialize in turnkey set up and disassembly.

Our top-class temporary construction tents and structures, built to German engineering standards, set us apart from the rest. From top-rated portable storage facilities to durable industrial tents, we serve different sectors ranging from government, military, aviation, oilfield, distribution and even manufacturing.

 With hurricane-force winds being a great risk and concern in the United States, we only use the best grade galvanized, rust-free steel and aluminum products for our buildings. These make our structures weather the harshest weather conditions in any location countrywide.

Our unique value proposition is complemented by a portfolio that accommodates our key client needs. Here is a snapshot of our scope of product categories:

Construction Site Meeting Areas and Lunch Tents

TWS offers top of the range craftsmanship by using superior quality material to deliver structurally sound clear span buildings. This winning combination offers flexibility to design warehouse space meant for safety meetings, changing sections and even lunch areas for the construction crew. We believe it is important that the construction crew have ideal work stations to enable them to deliver to client expectations.

Business Interruption Renovation and Installations

Man-made and natural disasters are sometimes unexpected and can greatly hamper business operations. At Temporary Warehouse Structures, we help see you through such incidents by providing quick warehouse solutions to get your business back in control. TWS goes above and beyond to help get your business back on its feet.

Oil Field Flex Safe Structures

 The energy industry is a capital and labor-intensive sector. In order to keep up with the continuous change in geographical locations and business climate, Temporary Warehouse Structures provides affordable solutions that guarantee on-site safety for installations and even set-down of necessary structures.

At TWS we deliver beyond client expectations and raise the bar in professionalism, site safety and regulatory compliance at competitive rates. But do not take our word for it, get in touch with us TODAY at 281-489-7811 with your queries, and request a quote.

We are continually proud to offer our clients superior material, craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings.


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