Find Out Why You May Need A Temporary Warehouse For Your Business

6 Reasons Why You Might Need A Temporary Warehouse

Now that online retailers make up almost 10% of the total retail sales, warehouse space is increasingly coming at a premium. The overall shift in retailing has affected the bottom-line of almost every industry that requires warehouse space. This is actually one of the reasons why companies are now seeking out temporary warehouse space. Since more business is being conducted online, the need for storefronts and showrooms has gone down. As a result, the need for warehouses has breathed new life into older industrial towns that we’re seeing a decline and revamped industrial neighborhoods in major cities. The boom of online business means that businesses need space to store their equipment and products. A temporary warehouse is ideally a reliable and practical solution for many businesses in this environment. Below are the top 6 reasons why you might need a temporary warehouse.

1. Extra Space

Leasing or renting temporary warehouse space is a quick and easy solution for a business in need of additional space. If your employees are constantly in conflict over the small area they work in, extra space to stretch out would be much welcomed. If you’re in the shipping or retail industry and your shelves are overflowing with back stock, the extra space could be a lifesaver for your business. The seasonal increase of stock that often gets in your way of daily operation could be a perennial headache for your staff. With more space, you could allow your staff to work more efficiently without all the extra stock coming in their way. So, go on and get a temporary warehouse that’s tailored to your specific size and specifications, or make yours a bit larger to accommodate your growth.

2. A Quick, Simple Solution

A temporary warehouse space is an efficient solution for you rising storage needs. Instead of signing some sort of long-term or binding lease, you could set up your temporary warehouse space rather quickly. If you’re considering finding a new location or building an extension, you could be searching for the perfect fit for months. Meanwhile, your staff at the warehouse will continue to work in a limited space, which could limit their productivity. If you intend to build something more permanent, you might need to deal with your local and state regulators, and speak to planning commissions. But when setting up a temporary warehouse, you don’t need to deal with most of these inconveniences. You’ll be able to get what you want without having to worry about being held up by regulations and paperwork. So, whether you’re expanding or you just need extra space for a reshuffle, temporary warehouses let you meet your needs in a timely manner.

3. Adaptability

Sometimes, you only need the extra space temporarily, maybe for a seasonal sale, a certain project, or a new client. In other times, your permanent space will be adequate for your needs. If you often find yourself in such situations, you need a warehouse that can be set up and taken down as needed. Temporary warehouses let you get the space you need quickly, regardless of where and when you need it. If you’re working on a contracted or off-site project, then you might need a temporary space to store your supplies and for workspace. A temporary warehouse can be moved to different locations as needed. And once you complete your project, you can take it down and store it until it’s needed again.

4. Extend What You Have

You probably have a great facility already, but you need an extension to accommodate a new way of working or new products. Aside from the temporary space, you can add an extension that lets your facility accommodate chilled storage, or similarly specialized needs. For instance, if you work in the art or food service industry, you might require controlled temperature storage. A chilled-area where your clients can walk in could let you keep your clients happy with the kind of variety you offer. Along with good refrigeration services, you could deliver great products to your customers without compromising on the quality. You could also have the walls or the roof insulated accordingly, based on the weather. Temporary warehouse extensions let you accommodate variable customer needs without the expensive (and stressful) process of moving.

5. Accommodating Recent Growth

As mentioned above, the industries are currently in flux. You’ve probably been working for decades in your given industry and you’ve had a steady flow of customers, but your needs have suddenly spiked. It could be the case for retail outlets, industrial supply companies, and even alternative energy manufacturing. Keep in mind that the taste of the public is fickle and there’s no surefire way of knowing what’s going to fulfill the needs of the changing public tastes. If you need more space and more storage for your budding business, you might consider pumping the brakes. Although you actively welcome changes, you have weathered them before, and you certainly don’t have a reason to be skeptical. Enter temporary warehouses. The temporary space solution lets you take this growth at the pace that you’re most comfortable with, without jumping into renting or buying a new space. The rug could always be pulled out tomorrow, and you’d be left with an insane amount of lease that you can’t get out of. So, go with a temporary solution that lets you pace your growth more carefully.

6. Flexible Designs

For business in certain industries, you might find that you need a partially open facility or one with a curved roof. Don’t take a jackhammer to your roof, yet. A temporary space might be ideal for your current needs. When adding a new fabrication, welding, or wood shop space in your premises, you can have some specific ventilation requirements that are not met by your current warehouse. With a temporary space, you get this flexibility without incurring the costs of installing HVAC systems. Though should you need to, we also do HVAC systems as well.

A Temporary Warehouse Allows You to Grow

In some industries, you can only be as successful as your spaces allow you to be. Limited space can actually keep you from taking your business to the next level. If you like the idea and you’re ready to explore potential solutions for your space problem, get a quick quote or give us a call.

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