Temporary Storage Building Thermo Roof Air System

Roof Structure Air Systems and Insulation

Our structures utilize a double layer thermo-roof design. This thermo roof air system is a breakthrough in technology.

This system provides 4 significant advantages:

  • dead air space insulation (effective in either hot or cold climates)
  • stability of the roof fabric in the wind (roof remains secure in high wind conditions)
  • efficient shedding of rain/snow due to the roofs’ rounded shape (due to its optimal slope design)
  • no condensation on the interior roof surfaces
  • no water pocketing

These design advantages limit rain/snow collection, thereby reducing roof loading and extending fabric life.  The thermo roof air system connects all fabric sections and maintains air pressure inside the roof/gable fabrics.  A relief valve is installed in every structure to prevent over pressurization of the roof fabrics.  This is an automatic, pressure controlled, and sealed system that requires NO personnel involvement once properly installed.  Continuous 110-volt electric power is required for proper air system operation.

Versatility and Efficiency

A temporary industrial tent structure can allow a company to quickly and efficiently adjust to a host of different situations. Experiencing an interruption in business operations due to building damage can prove difficult for any company to overcome. Our goal is to help our clients through those situations by giving them a temporary space to house their storage or production operations. A company may also want to give their workers an industrial lunch tent on a remote job site. In either situation, a temporary industrial tent can provide the necessary solutions.

Turnkey Installation

If a client needs a temporary structure built to overcome a challenge, Temporary Warehouse Structures will provide a turnkey installation experience. Our team of structural professionals will safely assemble our industrial tent structure in a safe and efficient manner. When the client no longer needs the structure, our team will fully dissemble it and leave the job site in the same condition as when the structure was erected.

Thermo Roof Air System | Temporary Warehouse | Houston TexasThermo Roof Air System | Temporary Warehouse | Houston Texas
Thermo Roof Air System | Temporary Warehouse | Houston TexasThermo Roof Air System | Temporary Warehouse | Houston Texasair pump

We are continually proud to offer our clients superior material, craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings.


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