Frequently Asked Questions About A Temporary Warehouse

Some Of The More Common Questions Asked About A Temporary Warehouse

Do you lease structures? Yes. We offer both leases and purchase pricing on a temporary warehouse. Our minimum lease contract is 6 months.

Do I need a building permit?  Each location is different and a building permit may or may not be required.  Your local authorities and regulations determine permitting.  If a permit is required, you must get permit approval before we arrive.  We will assist by providing engineering data and technical specifications on our structures for submittal to the local building officials.

Can I expand/reduce the structure size during the rental period?  Yes.  Your monthly rental rate will change according to new structure footprint.  Additional labor/transportation charges will apply.  If expanding or reducing the size, the gable end must be removed, then new bays added or removed, and then the gable end re-installed.  You can continue limited operations inside the structure while the structure is modified.

Are there any charges for service calls?  Not for leased structures – unless the service call is necessitated by damage done by the customer.  For purchased structures outside of warranty, there will be charges for materials, transportation, equipment and labor to complete any repair.

Are there any “hidden” costs?  If it takes us longer than normal to erect or dismantle the structure, there are no costs to you. If the site, safety requirements, or other circumstances are not what were presented to us during discussions, there could be additional charges to comply with these new conditions.

How much room around the structure is needed to erect the building? We need a minimum of 40’ of clear space on at least two sides of the structure to facilitate erection equipment.

How long does it take to erect a structure?  It is hard to be specific due to many variables including weather.  A minimum of 3 days is needed even for a small structure.  For larger structures, approximately 2,000 square feet per day is normal.

How quickly can I get a structure?  Delivery time is determined by structure size and crew availability.  If the structure you want is in stock, the determining factor is erection crew availability.  Delivery time can be as short as 1-2 weeks.  If the structure is not in stock, we must order it from the factory and it is usually a 2-3 month wait.

How long can I rent a structure?  Minimum rental period is 6 months.  After the original lease is completed, you can extend the lease agreement or keep the structure on a month-to-month basis as long as you need the building.  Rental rates will not increase for as long as you have the structure.

Do you handle installing the required electricity to the structure?  We are not licensed electricians.  Electricity to the structure is your responsibility.

How close can I get a structure to my existing building?  We can abut a gable end to within 18” of your building.  An eave side can be placed within 3’ of your building.  Connecting a water tight seal between the buildings is your responsibility.  No damage can be done to our structure in this process.

Do you have a Lease-to-Own Program?  If you rent and then decide to purchase, a portion of your rent is applied to reduce the purchase price.  This deduction is negotiated based on the amount of rent paid.  Prepaid take down charges will be deducted from the purchase price.

How does the Buy Back Plan work if I purchase the structure? A purchase price for your structure is negotiated based on the length of usage, condition, and the ability to rent the building. If you have customized or modified our originally installed structure, that will affect our ability to reuse that structure for a new customer.

What is the warranty on purchased structures?  Material warranty is 3 years, labor/workmanship is 1 year, and door warranty is 30 days.

What is the structure life-span?  The framework is made of 6061 Tallog aluminum and galvanized steel and will last for decades.  The fabric roof material will deteriorate over time due to exposure to UV sunrays.  Typical roof life is 8-12 years depending on location.

What happens if the roof fabric deflates?  Nothing except the eaves will pocket water/snow and the water/snow needs to be removed.  Power needs to be restored as soon as possible. The inflated roof channels water/snow to the rafter beams and then the water/snow slide off the structure.

Do I need a concrete area for your structure? No. Our structures can be erected on compacted dirt, asphalt, or existing concrete. We used 36” steel stakes to anchor structures to dirt or asphalt.  On concrete, we install standard concrete expansion anchors and then bolt our structure to your concrete.  The concrete anchors remain after we have removed the structure from your property.

Does my site have to be perfectly level?  No. Slight elevation deviations can be accommodated. Remember that our structures are not sealed to the ground, so water can seep under the walls if the interior ground level is lower than the exterior.

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