Temporary Industrial Lunch Tents

Large industrial lunch tents with construction safety features and temperature-controlled environment.

Feed 100 people or 1,000+ – our temporary construction tents can be used for break areas and safety meetings. Protect both your people and your materials from the weather and seasonal changes.

Our industrial tent structures are a turnkey process on your site and can be removed when the need is no longer present. Features of our temporary tent make them unique and a good choice for industrial, petrochemical and construction sites:

Oil field construction tent | TWS | Houston Tx

Industrial Lunch & Break-Area Tents

  • Air Inflated Industrial fabric roofs add structural support and insulation factors
  • Easily climate-controlled for personnel
  • No curved walls
  • Clear span spaces for storing and moving materials
  • Expandable modules for future growth
  • Personnel and Overhead doors
  • No foundation needed and minimal site prep
  • Semi-truck accessibility

Setup benches, tables, and chairs to provide shift turnaround and staging areas for safety briefings and personnel gatherings. Our industrial lunch tents for industrial plants and construction sites are available for rent or purchase and provide an alternative to expensive permanent construction, any capital expenditures, and taxable facilities. We have the experience and our teams build and place our systems in every state. We work with you and your local officials to make sure all safety measures and codes are satisfied.

Full-Service Solutions

Temporary Warehouse Solutions provides turnkey services when building our temporary structures. Our team of seasoned professionals will provide all the equipment, tools, labor, and supervision necessary to ensure each structure is built safely and efficiently. Whether you need a temporary storage location or an on-site assembly area, temporary industrial tents offers the perfect solution.
Our clear span tent structures provide beneficial solutions to various industries. Our tents have been used for secondary or on-site manufacturing areas, distribution centers, and storage locations for the military and governmental agencies. We pride ourselves in our ability to serve and satisfy companies in numerous industries across the country.

Tell us Your Industrial Lunch Tent needs for your refinery, plant or construction site. We can spec the exact quote and set up your delivery timeline.

We are continually proud to offer our clients superior material, craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings.


For more information or a quote, please contact us. Find out how Temporary Warehouse Structures can help with your next project.

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