Industries Fit For A Temporary Warehouse

Industries That Would Benefit From A Temporary Warehouse

Used by Bechtel, Siemens, General Motors, and the U.S. Government, our clear span warehouse structures are convenient, secure and surprisingly economical. Our commercial-grade structure buildings are constructed of anodized aluminum, galvanized steel, engineered to rigorous standards, and are durable enough to last decades. They are weather tight and can be insulated and climate-controlled for use as warehouses, production line facilities, fabrication shops, dining halls – whatever your business requires.

Add on-site storage or production space on the previously idle ground. Fully insulated buildings are customized to fit your needs.

Side by Side Temporary Warehouse Expansion

Our warehouse structures can be placed next to each other, with no internal walls, creating one large clear span building.

Outside Edwards AFB, CA Side by Side Structure | Temporary Warehouse Structures Edwards AFB, CA
Inside Edwards AFB, CA Side by Side Structure | Temporary Warehouse Structures
Edwards AFB, CA

Warehouse Extensions

Expand or extend an existing building with ease. Due to superior engineering, the structure can be placed within inches of a preexisting building.

Extension in Seymour, IN | Temporary Warehouse Structures
Seymour, IN
Construction of Extension in Houston, TX | Temporary Warehouse Structures
Houston, TX

Strong and Secure Industrial Buildings

Steel and aluminum components provide durability and security for your project. This level of strength and engineering is unmatched in the temporary building industry.

Steel & Aluminum Storage in Detroit, MI | Temporary Warehouse Structures
Detroit, MI
2 ea. 50′
Warehouse in Louis, MO | Temporary Warehouse Structures
St. Louis, MO

Storage or Industrial Warehouse Space

Our structures have been used as warehouses, production line facilities, fabrication shops, fire stations, golf course equipment storage, construction sites, dining halls, etc.

Storage in Houston, TX | Temporary Warehouse Structures
Warehouse Houston, TX
Temporary Warehouse in Germany | Temporary Warehouse Structures
Temporary Warehouse,

Our temporary buildings are adaptable to almost ANY commercial or industrial application due to their superior quality, rugged construction, and flexible design.

We are proud to offer our clients superior material, expert craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings. Call us at 281-809-5577 or request a quick quote.

We are continually proud to offer our clients superior material, craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings.


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