Temporary Warehouse Structure Services

Our Options For Temporary Warehouse Structures & Other Buildings

Temporary Warehouse Structures provide portable warehouse buildings and on-site storage from 1,600 sq. feet to 50,000 sq. feet and more! We deliver, install and remove anywhere in the United States and Canada.

In the past, when companies needed more temporary storage space, they had two options.  They could rent or build a permanent structure, which was very costly, or they could set up a tent, which lacked strength and security. Now, Temporary Warehouse Structures offers what more and more businesses are finding to be a superior alternative.

If your company is storing valuable products, why not go with a proven solution? Our metal warehouse structure and portable warehouse structure have been used extensively in Europe and Australia for decades. They are constructed of rust-free galvanized steel and anodized aluminum. Engineered for extreme wind and snow, they have withstood the freezing gales of the North Sea and the blistering summers of the Australian outback. Best of all, they can be erected at a fraction of the cost of a brick-and-mortar structure.

Temporary Industrial and Commercial Storage at your Existing Location

To further ensure that your contents remain safe, our thermo-roof and insulated wall panels provide a comfortable climate in all seasons. So whether it’s automobile components, electronics, or pallets of pre-packaged concrete, almost anything can be stored safely inside our weathertight structures for years to come. Durable UV-resistant roof panels also allow natural light inside the structure. Also, once installed, little to no maintenance is required.

We make the install and build process seamless and turnkey. Before construction, we discuss your company’s needs and collaborate on the best solution. When it comes to installation, we provide all tools, equipment, supervision, and labor. There are no hidden costs and no extra procedures.

Your warehouse structure and structural components can be delivered in just weeks and built on-site within days, compared to months or years for permanent construction. No special foundation is required, meaning your structure can be built on dirt, asphalt, or existing concrete.  This allows you to make smart use of any available space.

What if another 2,000 square feet of storage are suddenly required? Our temporary warehouse structures are easily expandable. In fact, we can add additional five-meter-length bays without dismantling the original structure. Another plus – your structure can be customized with roll-up overhead doors or personnel doors to suit your operational needs. 

Our business is equally flexible when it comes to financing. Your company may choose to lease and write off the expense. If purchased, TWS provides an attractive buy-back program should your business no longer require the structure. From beginning to end, we are committed to exceeding expectations through the expertise and dedication of our Temporary Warehouse team and with the unsurpassed quality of our structures.

We are continually proud to offer our clients superior material, craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings.


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