Temporary Industrial Tent Structure Removal

Safety, Site and Responsibilities

Once the structure is no longer needed, we need a 30-day written notice to schedule the temporary warehouse structure removal. We will remove the warehouse building structure in the same manner as when it was installed. Turnkey! We will provide all equipment, tools, labor, and supervision required to dismantle the structure safely and professionally.


On the job site, we will follow all OSHA guidelines as well any other guidelines the customer might require. Our number one goal is to remove the structure safely and in a timely manner. To ensure the proper dismantling of the structure, the crew will have a morning debrief meeting to get everybody on the same page. TWS has never had a reportable injury on a customer’s job site.


After takedown, TWS will conduct a walk around and ensure the site does not have any loose parts, trash, or miscellaneous items. We will cap and refill any holes created in asphalt by the anchoring system, so that we leave the job site in the same condition as when the structure was erected.

Customer Responsibilities

As stated earlier, give TWS a 30 day notice before the structure needs to be removed. Prior to dismantling, the structure will need to be cleared of any products or equipment. Any modifications to the structure, (i.e. electrical lines, fire sprinklers, flashing, etc.) will need to be removed before we can initiate the take-down procedure.

Extending Your Lease

Sometimes, customers require our temporary warehouse structures longer than they originally intended. In these cases, we will hold off on removing the structure, and the customer can extend the lease or keep the structure on a month-to-month basis for as long as the building is needed. The building may also become a necessary part of a business’s operation, and it can be purchased.

We are continually proud to offer our clients superior material, craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings.


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