Temporary Warehouses & Storage Buildings

Do you need secure, cost-effective and temporary storage?

Renting storage space outside of your own location involves considerable costs and challenges. The solution is temporary warehouses and storage facilities that are of high quality and can be used for different purposes. 

  • The storage facilities can be used as construction site storage for materials and equipment.
  • Seasonal or overflowing stocks can be stored in the temporary warehouses.
  • Temporary storage can be provided here during the expansion of existing facilities.
  • Meal tent, meeting or accommodation tent for shift changes, team changes and safety meetings with a high degree of flexibility. 
  • Storage facility after a business interruption caused by natural disasters and technical failure so that operations can continue.

Mobile warehouses with fast assembly & installation

You can save time and money with our temporary storage solutions. Our storage facilities can be set up quickly and easily on almost any surface (asphalt, concrete or earth) without the need for a permanent foundation. The temporary storage solution can be adapted to your needs using different sizes and equipment features. We offer you a complete solution including assembly and dismantling so that your business or project does not have to be interrupted.

Professional Engineer

Tailor-made solutions for your project

Our team of experts is able to offer you a customized solution for your project and your plans. We have a proven track record of overcoming even the toughest challenges. The storage solutions we have developed have withstood strong winds and are made of galvanized steel and anodized aluminium. Our semi-permanent warehouses and industrial storage tents are suitable for use in harsh environments and ensure the safety of your inventory. Temporary warehouse tents also score highly in terms of durability and are suitable as temporary buildings in the manufacturing, distribution, oilfield services, military and government sectors.

Whether as first-class mobile warehouses or as temporary construction tents – the high-quality materials and workmanship set us apart. We offer you structurally sound buildings with a free span to suit your needs, which can be installed on your site as a short or long-term solution. 

We are able to create temporary structures to protect people, products, equipment and processes on a construction site or project.

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