Turnkey Temporary Warehouse Solutions

Professional Delivery, Installation, and Removal of Warehouse

Temporary Warehouse Storage will provide ALL the tools, equipment, supervision, and labor necessary for construction and removal of a leased temporary warehouse building (or only installation of a purchased structure). There are no “surprise” costs to our service.  We arrive, you tell us where the warehouse structure is to be installed, go to your office, grab a cup of coffee, and we will build and customize your warehouse building structure. We provide turnkey warehouse solutions for on-site temporary buildings for warehouse and industrial applications.

Listed below are the stages to construct your customized on-site TWS building

Phase 1:

Initial Warehouse Site Selection and Preparation

The first phase of our turnkey warehouse solutions revolves around proper planning and preparation. A suitable location must be provided for our team to install the structure, and depending on your local ordinances, a building permit may be required prior to construction. We provide a licensed structural engineer to help acquire any necessary permits for the job.

Dirt Site in Victorville, CA | Temporary Warehouse Structures
Victorville, CA
Asphalt Site Las Vegas, NV | Temporary Warehouse Structures
Las Vegas, NV
Concrete Site Victorville, CA | Temporary Warehouse Structures
Victorville, CA

Phase 2:

Assembly and Frame Layout of Warehouse Structure

Once the location is selected, the aluminum frame is laid out in preparation to erect the frame. This stage allows our technicians to visualize the final placement of the outdoor temporary storage tent and to make any final adjustments if necessary.

Frame Assembly Sealy, TX | Temporary Warehouse Structures
Sealy, TX
Frame Layout Mt. Gilead | Temporary Warehouse Structures
Mt. Gilead, NC

Phase 3:

Erect Aluminum Metal Frame and Steel Supports

Our team then erects the structure’s anodized aluminum frame. We engineered our industrial tents to withstand high winds and extreme temperatures to suit the needs of businesses across the country.

Erect Frame in Sealy, TX | Temporary Warehouse Structures
Sealy, TX
Frame Setup in Sealy, TX | Temporary Warehouse Structures
Sealy, TX
Frame Structure in Mt. Gilead, NC | Temporary Warehouse Structures
Mt. Gilead, NC

Phase 4:

Install Insulated Wall Panels on Structural Frame

With the frames standing, wall panels can be installed. These allow each structure to be climate controlled depending on the business needs.

Wall Panel Eagle, CO | Temporary Warehouse Structures
Eagle, CO
Wall Panel Installation Jacksonville, FL | Temporary Warehouse Structures
Jacksonville, FL
Sealy, TX Wall Panel Installation| Temporary Warehouse Structures
Sealy, TX

Phase 5:

Install Roof Fabric & Gable Fabric / Air System for Industrial Tent

After installing the wall panels, our team will install the roof fabric and the roof air system.

Roof Air Systems
Closeup Roof Installation Pittsburgh, PA | Temporary Warehouse Structures
Pittsburgh, PA
Air System Installation San Bernadino, CA | Temporary Warehouse Structures
San Bernardino, CA

Phase 6:

Overhead & Personnel Door Installation in Warehouse Building

Depending on your company’s needs, we can install a warehouse roll up door or steel personnel doors to facilitate the movement of materials or workers. Fire codes require personnel to be no more than 100’ away from a door exit.

Overhead & Personnel Door in King of Prussia, PA | Temporary Warehouse Structures
King of Prussia, PA
Portable Shelter in Houston, TX | Temporary Warehouse Structures
Kansas City, MO
Outdoor Storage in Lancaster, CA | Temporary Warehouse Structures
Lancaster, CA

Final Phase:

Completed Temporary Warehouse Structure for Commercial Business

At this phase of the process, our turnkey warehouse installation is complete, and the structure is ready for use. The company can move their machinery or equipment into the structure and begin to integrate it into the everyday business operations.

Completed Structure in Sterling, IL | Temporary Warehouse Structures
Sterling, IL
Completed Outdoor Storage in Horsham, PA | Temporary Warehouse Structures
Horsham, PA
Temporary Storage in Edwards AFB, CA | Temporary Warehouse Structures
Military Install – Edwards AFB, CA
Temporary Industrial Structure in Katy, TX | Temporary Warehouse Structures
Warehouse Katy, TX

We are continually proud to offer our clients superior material, craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings.


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