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Temporary Warehouse Features

Width32', 50', 66', or 82'(click dimension to see corresponding links below)
LengthUnlimited [in 16' (5m) increments]
Eaves Height15' Standard; 18' and 21' optional
InsulatedDouble ply foam insulated 26 gauge painted steel
Double ply 21 ounce vinyl coated fabric - flame retardant - air insulated

32 foot width dimension structure graphic           50 foot width dimension graphic               66 foot width dimension graphic           82 foot width dimension graphic

Clear Span Building Structure

Warehouse Frame Options:

6061T Aluminum box beam extrusions.
252mm x 122mm for 32′ and 50′ wide structures.
334mm x 122mm for 66′ and 82′ wide structures.
Standard eave (lowest point) height = 15′.
18′ and 21′ eave heights available on 66′ and 82′ wide structures.

Roof Pitch = 18 degrees on all structures

Frame spacing = 5m (16’3″)

No internal supports.  Interior space is a clear span.

Steel Frame Connections:

Galvanized steel inserts (50 ksi minimum) at all joints of rafters and eave uprights. Rafters and uprights are bolted with galvanized 3/4″ (20mm) bolts.

Framing and Roof Purlins:

Eave, ridge, and internal roof areas – galvanized steel square tubing in 16′ lengths provides bracing to the structural elements.

Structural Cables:

Roof and eave cables located in the first 5m and last 5m bays at a minimum. Structures exceeding 150′ in length will have additional cabling.

Structural Walls:

Insulated wall system with 26-gauge steel inner and outer layers. Insulating 2″ thick foam core. 36″ x 15′ 11″ panels tongue-and-groove together and are stacked vertically to achieve desired eave height. R-Value – 17.2.

Non-insulated wall system with single ply corrugated 24 gauge steel, 3’ X 15′ 11″ panels are stacked vertically to achieve the desired height.

Roof Fabric Structure:

Air-inflated double layer of 21 oz/sq. yd. PVC coated polyester with 300 ply minimum tensile strength. Flame-retardant fabric meets fire codes. R-Value – 4 (estimated). Allows sunlight into the interior space. Requires a 110V, 20 amp outlet for air pump operations. Advantages of a Temporary Warehouse structure include a stronger Fabric than traditional Industrial Fabric Buildings.

Wind Load Rating:

90 mph Zone C exposure with Standard Importance Factor of 1.00 (20 psf at 100′ height).

Snow Load Rating:

40 psf (pounds per square foot) ground snow-load with horizontal support cables installed every 5m, spanning eave to eave to prevent structural deflection under loading

Warehouse Doors and Openings:

Overhead – chain-hoist-operated, single-ply steel sheeting roll-up doors. Door heights are 13’6″ or 21′ and widths are 15’7″ or 16′, depending on placement in the structure perimeter.  Optional motorized and/or wind lock overhead doors available.

Personnel – 3′ x 6′ 8″, insulated, 20-gauge steel, hollow-core doors with lever handles. Non-locking.

Warehouse Site Prep and Surface:

Structure can be erected on solid dirt, asphalt, or existing concrete.  Base plates under each eave and gable upright are anchored to the surface by 3″ long steel stakes or 5/8″ concrete expansion anchors.  Slight terrain variances can be accommodated.  Note: water can seep under walls if the interior ground level in lower than the exterior.


We are continually proud to offer our clients superior material, craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings.


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