The Benefits Of Your Own Temporary Warehouse Structure

The Advantages Of Temporary Warehouse Buildings

When it comes to on-site storage and meeting space, large-scale commercial and industrial construction projects come with distinct challenges. To ensure that the project is completed within the specified timetable and budget, it’s important to have labor, materials, and equipment worth millions on-site as and when necessary. Project managers can ensure that all necessary materials are practically within arm’s reach by tuning to the use of temporary warehouse structures. The provision of temporary spaces to be used for staff breaks and meetings also become possible.

Drawbacks Of Off-site Storage

Security issues and transportation delays make off-site storage quite costly. Ordering, loading and transporting supplies to the site can leave construction workers waiting for delivery, leading to wasted labor hours. To facilitate access to equipment, tools, and parts on demand, these temporary structures can be installed with close proximity to the site.

The installation of temporary storage structures isn’t considered to be time-consuming. Whether asphalt, concrete, asphalt or directly on the ground, these structures can be put up on just about any surface. Furthermore, a permanent foundation isn’t necessary.

In any site, workers are considered to be the most valuable resource. Project delivery time can be reduced with a productive workforce. In addition to housing construction supplies, the provision of comfortable climate controlled structures to be used as staff meeting and break rooms can help boost staff productivity. Temporary structures can be pulled down to be put up on the next job site once the current project is completed. Although they are referred to as temporary warehouse buildings, these structures are designed to be sturdy, to survive the rigors of a busy site, and durable.

Temporary Storage Buildings Types

To ensure that these structures can be used to meet the requirements of just about any application, there’s a wide selection of buildings and tents available. The structures come with translucent or blackout roof surfaces. You can enjoy an expansive storage area since some designs do not use any interior supports or columns. The open nature of these structures makes easy and free movement of stored items possible.

ClearSpan Tents By Temporary Warehouse Structures

Interior columns and center poles are noticeably absent in clear span tents. You can also add exterior guy-lines to that list as well. This results in the creation of the perfect temporary storage structure, as all possible obstructions are eliminated. Designed with a width between 150 and 10 feet, these tents can be built to stretch across any length. Depending on the specific needs of your project, the lighting, flooring and temperature control among others can be customized.

This ease of customization makes these structures great for just about any storage application.

Established back in 1998, Temporary Warehouse Structures was founded by a team of two men with more than three decades of experience in the clear span tent production industry in Germany. When it came to the portable temporary storage market, no one in the US was designing clear span tents that met “implied” industry standards.

Although clear span tends to be used for temporary storage were, and still are, offered by some event and party tent service providers, none of these meet the durability, strength and innovation properties characteristic of European structures. The first company in the US to offer this high-quality product exclusively is Temporary Warehouse Structures. The galvanized steel purlings and reinforcing joint inserts, combined with the use of aluminum cave rafters and extruded rafters with a larger profile explain the heavyweight nature of our structures.

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