Renting Vs. Buying Aircraft Hangars

Buying Versus Renting Aircraft Hangars

Small commercial and private aircraft like helicopters and planes are assets that need to have special storage space. Proper upkeep and security are ensured by aircraft hangars. Whether you are a small aviation business or individual pilot who flies for recreational purposes, it is critical to making your decision on whether to buy or rent your airplane hangar. Aircraft hangars are necessary for protecting and storing valuable aircraft like helicopters and airplanes. A completely customized aircraft hangar is an excellent buy that the average small business or pilot can afford easily. When payment options such as financing or savings fall short, the most affordable solution is often renting a hangar. Buying an aircraft hangar is definitely a serious purchase to make. Specifically, the high cost comes with areas with special systems and custom-designed buildings. However, price and cost alone should not be the only things that you consider when you are making your decision on whether to rent or buy. There are many advantages to owning an aircraft hangar versus renting one.

Other Factors Besides Cost

When purchasing your won aircraft hangar, there are a number of different benefits that you enjoy over renting:

  • Over time greater savings
  • Customized hangar space for large and awkward aircraft parts
  • Predictable and controlled storage space for aircraft
  • Portability for specific features and geographic locations
  • Assured asset protection
  • Lower costs for infrequent flyers
  • Additional revenue opportunities

Purchasing can save both pilots as well as businesses that have aircraft assets lots of money in the long term. A custom-design aircraft hanger, with a highly durable like the facilities that Temporary Warehouse Structures manufacture, is a major purchase. An individual pilot will have to spend several hundred dollars a month to rent a hangar for storing their single small airplane. The average annual cost is approximately $6,000. When you buy your own aircraft hangar, it might allow you to lower your operating budget up to 50%.

Expanded Customization Options

Airplanes are available in all different sizes and have unique auxiliary propellers and wingspans, as well as other parts that tend to take up a lot of space. Plenty of clearance is required to guide an aircraft into and out of a hangar. When you rent an airplane hangar your customization options are limited. However, when you buy a custom hangar, you can design the facility to accommodate your own specific space and storage requirements. When you rent a hangar, you could potentially experience some issues if the owner ends up renting the space to a different pilot. For instance, if you happen to fly at an unscheduled or unusual time, your hangar might be occupied. That can lead to hassle, frustration, and additional costs when you must rent a different space. Some cities and airports that have high air traffic also have limited availability when it comes to leased aircraft storage space. When you buy your own hangar you can avoid the waiting lists completely and have a hangar that is available at all times to meet your individual needs.

Increased Portability:

Flying an aircraft is a mobile profession. Therefore, many pilots need their aircraft to be able to move right along with them. This is not something that you can do with a rented airplane hangar. However, an aircraft hanger that has been specially designed with portability in mind provides the flexibility for moving from one place to the next. Hangars are designed by Temporary Warehouse Structures that are engineered to be transported easily and offer fast setup in rugged environments. Only the absolute minimum in site preparation is required by our portable aircraft hangars. Almost any base )including fairly level gravel and/or dirt) can be used for setting up our frames. Although renting an aircraft hangar is cheaper in the short-term compared to purchasing your own hangar, it can be very expensive to lease space. This is especially true for businesses that don’t use their aircraft on a regular basis or infrequent flyers. If you instead purchase an aircraft storage facility, your hangar can be used whenever you need it, which prevents you from having unnecessary costs. Even when a loan is used for purchasing your hangar, in the future you will enjoy cost savings. You will pay a fixed monthly payment for space which you will own eventually rather than having to pay rent forever.

Increased Security And Safety

An aircraft hangar is more than merely a warehouse or big garage. The assets that the hangar is protected require storage that is more specialized to keep the aircraft in the best performance and top shape. Not all leased hangars are able to withstand harsh and/or extreme weather conditions. Hail, rain, storms, monsoon dust, heat and other types of weather conditions may degrade the aircraft’s outside materials quickly. That not only increases the need for upkeep and cleaning and take years off of your plane’s life. Our engineering design is able to withstand extreme weather conditions, even after numerous years of use. Third-party experts have also independently certified and tested our design. A Temporary Warehouse Structures aircraft hangar will keep your airplane asst safe from all weather conditions, to provide you with years of dependable use. If the site of your aircraft hangar happens to be in a popular area, you will be able to capitalize on any unused extra space that you have. You can bring in additional revenue by renting out your extra space to other pilots. Also, you will have the option of renting out the entire space or selling it when the timing is right. That is why owning an aircraft hangar can be such a profitable investment.

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