10 Benefits Of Portable Temporary Buildings in Houston

The Value Of Portable Temporary Buildings: 10 Benefits

When your business needs to expand, it can be challenging to make the jump from acquiring new property to opening up new, usable operational space. That leap becomes a lot easier if you integrate the use of portable temporary buildings into your facilities plans.

The Temporary Warehouse Structures team has provided hundreds of temporary buildings to commercial clients in every sort of industry. Without fail, our clients find that temporary buildings are powerful tools for expanding their businesses while keeping both cost and risk to a minimum.

Based on customer feedback, we’ve assembled the 10 most important reasons for using portable temporary buildings.

1) Overall Affordability

Portable temporary buildings can be either purchased outright or rented. Whichever way you choose to pay, your costs will be modest compared to the expense of building a permanent structure. Many of our customers have pegged temporary buildings as costing 70 percent less than permanent ones in terms of upfront cost. If you opt to hire your buildings, you may even be able to fit the expense into an operational budget without bothering with capital expenditures at all.

2) Flexible Financing

You get a range of payment options for portable temporary buildings. Outright purchase is one option; others include rent by the month or quarter, rent to own, and in some cases lease-purchase.

3) Minimal Financial Risk

For the absolute minimum risk exposure, you should consider your rental options. After completing an agreed-upon hire period, you can either return your building or extend the rental contract. Even if you buy a temporary building outright, you can reduce your expenditure later by selling the building once it’s no longer needed. These low-risk options allow you to adjust your operational space quickly to meet changing needs without using up too many financial resources.

4) Fast Returns

Fabrication and installation of portable temporary buildings are extremely quick. Even in cases where a customer requires the manufacture of custom components (as opposed to standard stock items), turnaround times are generally on the order of weeks, not months. Installation of a typical temporary building (e.g. a warehouse) takes less than a week once the building has been delivered. The fast set-up makes temporary buildings ideal for accommodating rapid expansion.

5) Excellent Return On Investment

Combine the speedy set-up described in the previous point with their overall low costs, and portable temporary buildings deliver great returns against the resources you invest in them. High ROI makes it easier for you to generate profits and use them for further expansion.

6) Keeping Operations In-House

One option you could take when you need extra space is subcontracting out storage and/or warehousing functions to a third party. This may offer financial incentives, but it also obliges you to surrender a measure of control. There are also significant ongoing costs associated with splitting up your operations across multiple sites: not just transport, but also security. As long as you have clear land available, why not keep all of your operations under a single roof (metaphorically, at least) with portable temporary buildings?

7) Cheap Trial Space

If your business is considering new processes, equipment, or products, it can be a tremendous boon to have some temporary space in which to develop them. Portable temporary buildings allow you to test out things like this without sinking excessive resources into the construction of new space. Reduce the overall cost of a trial by keeping facilities costs to a minimum!

8) Fewer Operational Disruptions

Portable temporary buildings go up quickly and easily. In the vast majority of cases, erecting a temporary building involves minimal disruption to your day to day operations. In some cases, there is no disruption at all! More extensive building projects can cause downtime and long-term disruptions.

9) Edge Over The Competition

To make the most of some opportunities, your business has to react quickly. Oftentimes you need to demonstrate the willingness and ability to expand in order to secure new customers or contracts. Portable temporary buildings allow you to plan and execute this sort of expansion faster than competitors in your industry.

10) More Efficient Space Utilization

Dead space on your site earns your business nothing. Why not activate that space and make it productive with a temporary building? Best of all, a temporary building makes no long-term demands. If a more productive use for space comes along in the future, a temporary building is easily removed.

Portable temporary buildings do a great job of taking the risk out of growth. Thanks to the simplicity of their design and installation, temporary buildings present your business with fewer potential hassles.

You also have a wide selection of designs to choose from. You can get everything from the most basic weather protection to fully-insulated steel-roof structures and everything in between. Most operational and storage requirements can be easily met by temporary buildings.

Add on the unparalleled financial flexibility that temporary buildings offer you, and you have a resource that’s truly capable of meeting all your space requirements.

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