What Are The Benefits Of Using Clearspan Buildings?

Four Advantages Of Using Clearspan Buildings

Clear span refers to different types of Temporary Warehouse Structures, tents, or buildings that are comprised of vertical support columns surrounding the outer perimeter’s structure along with clear spaces in between the support columns. When referring to a clearspan building what does this actually mean? Clearspan buildings have aluminum roof rafters that are connected with steel or aluminum purlins. They are built in a very similar way that permanent steel buildings are, except that clearspan buildings use high-grade materials, along with lightweight steel or aluminum allows for additional strength. The clearspan building does not have any exterior or interior columns anywhere. The interior space is a totally clear span and there is nothing to obstruct equipment or people. There is a good chance that at some point you have seen or been inside of a clearspan building. They are a major staple in most professional sporting events in addition to construction sites, temporary warehouses, weddings, product displays, corporate meetings, etc. Leasing a clearspan building provides many ROI advantages compared to buying a temporary structure or using a permanent structure.

1. Use Clearspan Buildings To Cut Costs

When determining the best course for your project, most likely you will have budget constraints to deal with. It might seem simple at first – your overall costs increase when vendors are added which reduces your profit margin, right? Well, since it is possible to quickly install a temporary structure, using a clearspan building can help to increase a finished project’s pace. A one-stop temporary structure also features an efficient design – which reduces the amount of time that is needed for having a separate building and design companies working on your project. When you have the same source designing and building your structure it will ultimately save your business money by reducing the number of project hours. Rather than having a mixture of sub-contractors, contractors, and architects from multiple companies, you can work with one point-of-contact and have all needed experts under the same roof.

2. Use A Clearspan Building To Save Money

There are multiple advantages to leasing instead of buying a clearspan building. That includes structure updates and repairs and property taxes that come with owning a structure. You can save money when you lease a structure since maintenance costs will be the responsibility of your leasing entity instead of you, which will protect you as the lessee, of having unexpected expenses arise.

3. Use A Temporary Structure To Increase Efficiency

You can have a temporary fabric structure installed and ready to use in just a couple of days. In situations like disaster relief, it is essential to have a quick turnaround, and temporary structures are crucial in response processes. Also, in many situations, like harsh weather conditions or climates, permanent structures might not be a viable option. An engineered temporary fabric structure may be built on almost any ground surface, is certified for heavy snow loads and high winds, and are very durable.

4. Clearspan Tents Can Be Used For All Events

Clearspan tents can be used at product displays, corporate meetings, and many other social occasions. You can also use clearspan buildings for many other uses, including commercial storage, temporary warehousing, sporting and social events, oil and gas rentals, event tent rentals, break tents, lunch tents, job site meeting tents, among others. Clearspan tents are extremely beneficial structures to have.

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