Biggest Aircraft Hangars In The World

The Planet’s 8 Largest Aircraft Hangars

Pilots depend on aircraft hangars to be the homes of their aircraft when they’re not in the air. Durability and strength are both critical in keeping planes shielded and safe from mother nature in between flights. If you think it would be entertaining, or at least somewhat educational, to look over the planet’s 8 largest aircraft hangers, then keep reading into the following list to learn about this impressive feat of engineering.

8) Boeing’s Everett Factory:

If you want to get technical, this is actually a production plant more than it is an aircraft hangar. Having said that, this Pacific Coast factory in Washington state does hold Boeing’s newly finished planes. You can tour this tremendously massive structure as part of a tour of the Boeing factory. Guides will educate you about delightful facts during the tour which makes the experience that much better. Interestingly enough, the structure has 4.3 million square feet inside of it, making it the planet’s largest free-standing structure.

7) Aircraft Hangar-7:

This Aircraft Hangar-7 was built in Salzburg, Austria in the 1990s before gaining fame throughout the European continent. Constructed by Dietrich Mateschitz, the founder of Red Bull. This structure alone encompasses 71,832 square feet. It is home to prized and rare planes that are owned by a group of enthusiasts known as the Flying Bulls. It’s also the home to the Restaurant Ikarus, which is a high-class restaurant featuring a rotation of guest chefs and a Michelin rating.

6) The Spruce Goose Dome:

If you’ve ever visited Long Beach in California, then you likely saw this iconic aircraft hangar. It was the home the H-4 Hercules of Hughes Aircraft. The wooden construction leads to the affectionate nickname. The H-4 has the biggest wingspan of any plane ever constructed, and yet it never actually saw deployment. The reason for that is because it was developed for WWII, which ended before the completion of the plane. This dome covers roughly 75,000 square feet, but is no longer in use for housing aircraft, instead of serving as event space for functions of The Queen Mary Hotel.

5) The Lockheed Air Terminal:

This is located in the California city of Burbank. This 163,344 square-foot aircraft hangar has been used since the time of the WWII, when camouflage netting covered the whole airport. That was done so that it would look from the air like a rural landscape so that enemy planes wouldn’t realize the American military was manufacturing and storing their planes there. Formally, it’s a part of the larger Burbank Airport, although the complex is also known commonly as the Bob Hope Airport.


This aircraft hangar is at a Naval Air Station in the Oregon city of Tillamook. Another west coast triumph, this aircraft hangar saw construction by the American Navy during WWII. It was home to both blimps and airports. This 317,000 square-foot structure remains one of the planet’s biggest clear-span wood structures. Currently, it’s part of the larger Tillamook Air Museum.

3) Aircraft Hangar One:

This aircraft hangar is located in the California community of Mountain View, adding yet another west coast location to the list. Mountain View is in the Bay Area of San Francisco. It once housed the airship U.S.S. Macon. Opening back in 1933 and covering almost 8 acres, it has floor space of nearly 350,000 square feet. Google leases it now, and it even enjoys its very own account on Twitter.

2) Hangar 375:

Also commonly known as Big Texas, this structure finally brings the list off the Pacific Coast to San Antonio. Sitting on Kelly Air Force Base, it’s routinely recognized as the planet’s biggest free-standing active aircraft hangar, in excess of 600,000 square feet. Given that it remains in active use on a United States military installation, the public generally knows little about it other than its huge size.

1) The Aerium Hangar:

This aircraft hangar was built back in the 1990s so it could house both the production and the storage of the CL 160, the huge Cargolifter airship. It’s located in Brandenburg, Germany. Given numerous factors, however, the CL 160 actually never got built. Now, the 851,500 square-feet of this modern marvel is home to both a big resort and the Tropical Islands waterpark, boasting the planet’s biggest indoor rainforest. Even though it no longer is technically an aircraft hangar, records show the Aerium is still the planet’s biggest freestanding hall.

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