Use A Temporary Structure For A Memorable Fourth Of July Celebration

Temporary Warehouse Structures: Celebrate The Nation’s Birthday With Some Quick History

Whether you call it the Fourth of July, Independence Day, or July 4th, the United States has honored it as a federal holiday going back to 1941, although the tradition behind it and its celebrations go back to the 18th century during the time of the American Revolution. It was on July 2nd of 1776 that the Continental Congress voted specifically in favor of declaring independence. Two days later, the delegates of the then 13 colonies formally adopted a document known as the Declaration of Independence, historically drafted by Thomas Jefferson and others around him. From that time until modern day, the Fourth of July is celebrated as the birth of independent America. Festivities range from parades, fireworks, and concerts to smaller gatherings of families for picnics and barbecues.

When The Fourth of July Started

The initial battles of the actual Revolutionary War broke out over a year earlier in April of 1775. At the time, very few colonists actually desired total independence from England, and the few who did were considered radicals. By the time of the Declaration though, quite a few more colonists had changed their minds, due in part to rising hostility against Britain, and also due to the influence of revolutionary sentiments like those expressed by Thomas Paine in the early half of 1776 in his bestselling pamphlet “Common Sense”. The Continental Congress met on June 7 in the Pennsylvania State House, later renamed Independence Hall, in the city of Philadelphia. It was there that Richard Henry Lee, a delegate of Virginia, introduced the motion calling for the independence of the colonies. The debate was heated, and the Continental Congress postponed a vote on the resolution. However, they did appoint a committee of five men, including Virginia’s Thomas Jefferson, Massachusetts’ John Adams, Connecticut’s Roger Sherman, Pennsylvania’s Benjamin Franklin, and New York’s Robert R. Livingston, to formally draft a statement which would justify breaking away from England. When the Continental Congress voted favorably for the resolution, the vote was nearly unanimous, as the New York delegation chose to initially abstain before later voting in the affirmative. If you are looking to make your Fourth Of July celebration a memorable one in 2018, consider investing in a temporary structure and getting a quote today.

Celebrate The Fourth Of July With A Temporary Structure

Traditions of highly patriotic celebration wound up going even more widespread following the War of 1812, where America once again faced England. July 4th became a federal holiday by Congress in 1870, with the added provision of it being a paid holiday in 1941 to all federal-level employees. The political importance of this holiday has waned over the years, as other holidays also carry patriotic themes. However, the Fourth of July is still the premier holiday of its kind. Coming in the middle of the summer, Independence Day now emphasizes leisure activities for many, where families get together, often for barbecues and fireworks. The American flag is a frequent symbol, and “The Star-Spangled Banner” is a typical musical accompaniment. When it falls over a weekend, it becomes a multiple-day affair that creates quite a bit of travel related to the weekend, especially if the holiday itself falls on a Monday or Friday, so that many employees wind up having a rare three-day weekend they can use a minivacation. Airports and interstates and the businesses surrounding them are quite happy for the economic activity. Temporary Warehouse Structures also offers clear span tents for your Fourth Of July celebration.

Temporary Structures Can Help Your Independence Day Celebrations

Citizens of many cities like to head to their center city areas to watch community fireworks. Others prefer heading to amusement parks in order to have some fun. Many others like having cookouts in their yard or in a park. If you’re thinking about putting your own gathering together, then a temporary structure that can give you cover from the sunlight might be a welcome addition. The marketplace has a number of event tents that can prove useful in your Independence Day celebrations with loved ones and friends. They can certainly make your experience one better remembered.

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