Can Temporary Structures House Livestock?

Temporary Storage For Agriculture And Livestock

For farmers, 2018 has been an awful year. The “Beast from the East” got the year off to a really bad start, along with the sequels that left numerous farmers struggling to have space for their newborn lambs, while transporting water for many miles and rescuing livestock from out of snowdrifts, as the pipes that serve the water troughs out in the fields froze up. In addition, many of them took the time to help our residents nearby who had medical emergencies and to make sure that elderly neighbors were looked after properly. Many had to purchase extra animal feed due to the grass being inaccessible and every day the hay was snowed under, which meant more expense as well as effort and time to get it transported over to the animals. Bad weather during the beginning of the year also meant the grass wasn’t growing and was taking a lot longer than usual to come in. For a majority of us, the recent summery weather may have a really nice change. However, for farmers, it is a more expensive time, since they will have to purchase food for their animals when there isn’t any grass. But the misery doesn’t stop with that, since by winter time there won’t be enough hay for feeding the animals, due to not having the ability to grow enough this summer.

That results in a big expense for the farmers since they will need to buy expensive feed for several months, which will cost more than what they may have budgeted for. Space, of course, is needed for storing the feed and this storage has to be pest-proof and weather-proof. The traditional hayloft might sit empty. However, the purchased feed might be quite heavy, and definitely a lot more compared to the same volume of hay. Therefore, if the hayloft is not suited for heavy loads, then the farmers will have to find someplace else to store the feed. The ideal solution for this is temporary warehouses since they provide cover from weather elements, and are anchored to the ground. Also, it is possible to make a seal to prevent mice and rats from accessing the store of feed. The best seal is made by temporary warehouses with level ground. However, they can also be installed on surfaces that are slightly uneven. If there are added pest control measures that can be taken to prevent mice and rats from getting into the feed bags, then it is not critical to have a level plot and tight seal. However, for the very best protection, we recommend that the ground be smooth and level where your temporary building is installed.

When it comes to our temporary buildings, most farmers don’t have to obtain planning permission, since they fall under the permitted development rules. If permitted development status has been granted for the land then we can have a temporary warehouse delivered and also installed within a reasonable timeframe for bulk animal feed orders, which will allow farmers to stay ahead of the game when it comes to winter preparation. In under a month you can get a new feed store up that is ideal for keeping out the pests, and it can be used as well for additional storage when not needed, a second barn, or vehicle storage. There is an option for renting a temporary warehouse for a 6-month minimum term. For some farmers that might be long enough to carry them through the coldest part of the year. After the 6 months are up, the hire term may be extended if you find that the temporary structure is so useful that you can’t do without it, or you can buy it outright if you have long-term needs that must be addressed. If you don’t need a temporary warehouse feed store any longer we can just dismantle the structure and return the ground to normal, with hardly any trace of there being a structure there.

If you are currently struggling to find extra space for all of your animal feed that needs to be purchased this year, and you need to keep it away from the elements and rodents, call us. We will be happy to help our country’s farmers to keep us healthy and fed.

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