ClearSpan Fabric Buildings Are Great Solutions for Film-making, TV, & Events

Fantastic Opportunities Through Tension Fabric Structures For Media

Tension Fabric Structures Allow Your Imagination To Fly With Indoor Filmmaking

Entertainers, musicians, broadcasters, and filmmakers understand that the atmosphere is absolutely everything. Whenever a creative production is being stages, being able to create an immersive and unique world is absolutely key. whether the issue is special effects, the weather or the filmmaker is wanting to create an environment that is completely different from the one that is available by the filming location, have a versatile, fast indoor option as a way of enhancing creativity and saving money and time on location as part of the process. Usable anywhere, spacious, and large, clear span fabric buildings offer an ideal environment for staging the scene to film a live event, TV show, or movie.

Tension Fabric Structures Provide Possibilities For Versatile Indoor Production

The tension fabric structure (TFS) of a Temporary Warehouse Structure offers a blank slate, spacious and quick indoor environment that can be used by production crews to build ideal film sets from scratch. Airy and weather-proof, the sturdy fabric structure provides events, filming, or staging to occur at any time. It features a high-strength aluminum allow frame that is covered with a cross-tensioned heavy-duty PVC fabric, and supports lighting as well as other systems. It may be fitted with a truss system that overhead equipment that is needed.

In an open span and spacious structure, there are not any impediments for staging a building or for moving equipment or people. Overhead systems are accommodated by high ceilings, with plenty of room for jibs, camera cranes, scaffolding, and lighting gear. There even is enough space for lift equipment to use in overhead shots. Its white PVC fabric cover offers natural lighting that can be used in daytime shots and may be blacked out for darker sets if necessary.

Clear span fabric structures are available in a number of different sizes and may be custom configured to use with choice of length and several different accessories. The versatile TFS may accommodate staging areas for meeting and break areas, food service, staff, and supplies. Space may be partitioned for creating dressing and makeup area for talent, and a place for creatives and writers to work on their scripts, and practically any other type of space that is needed to help make it a more efficient process. The structure may be placed on a studio lot or any other type of remote location.

With this type of customizable, modular structure, clients can choose how open they want the structure to be, ranging from a structure that is fully enclosed to open sable on the ends and sides to provide an outdoor feeling. There are options for doorways, which include double or single personnel doors, clamshell, roll up cargo, and fabric freight door. All structures may be fully equipped with ventilation, HVAC and power systems.

TV & Film Buildings

Filmmakers really appreciate having protected, spacious open span indoor spaces that can comfortably accommodate activities such as adjusting and installing lighting, and for maintaining and building film sets. The controlled indoor environment means there are no restrictions on the kinds of atmospheres that may be created. TFS may be used for creating unique worlds and are used frequently in genres like historical, science fiction and fantasy films, or almost any situation that uses specially created scenery and are not found easily in the outside world.

The TFS, in addition to staging creative scenes, may be used for keeping production to move forward both day and night, scenery and store props and build sets or do the filming, no matter what the weather is. The interior setting is very comfortable which makes the task easier for the lighting, sound, and camera crews, as well as the set builders along with other production crews that reduces downtime costs due to various weather delays.

For permanent or temporary use, the TFS can be used with an attractive leasing package. These structures are lightweight and module for easy transport and disassembly. They may be relocated on a lot or to other locations all over the world and may be set up on any kind of ground, and make it easy if necessary in unpaved, remote locations.

Live Entertainment Event & Music Venues

The TFS is an ideal temporary location as well to use for sports events, theater, concerts, festivals and other types of temporary events. Structures may be leased long term or short term and are easy to transport to use in multiple or one locations, at any time of the year or season. The open, large indoor space doesn’t have any columns that will obstruct views of the stage for the audience. The high ceiling enables seating to be raised for improved viewing, with lots of room for backstage and front areas, in addition to accommodating signage, sound, lighting, and other equipment. The interior can be darkened using a black liner for theatrical or musical performances.

Tension Fabric Structures By Temporary Warehouse Structure For On Location Indoor Events & Film Production

Temporary Warehouse Structures offers clear span fabric buildings to use in entertainment and film, including live sports, musical, TV, and movie events for entertainment professionals across North America. The experienced engineers on our staff can help you design the best TFS solution for your specific needs and get a clear span fabric media building installed quickly. You and your team can take things from there, and your team from Temporary Warehouse Structure will be available to support any moves, changes, or additions that you need.

About Us

In 1998 Temporary Warehouse Structures was established by two men with more than 36 years of experience working within the clear span tent German industry. No U.S. company was providing “industrial grade” types of clear span tent structures to the portable temporary warehouse marketplace.

Seven event tent companies and parties offered (and do still) clear span tents to use as temporary warehouses, but were not of the same innovative design, durability, and strength as clear span warehouses that could be found in Europe. The first American company to offer this superior product exclusively was Temporary Warehouse Structures. The structures we offer are heavier due to larger cave uprights and aluminum extruded rafters, galvanized steel purlins, reinforcing galvanized steel joint inserts. The structures are not event/part structures and we do not offer them. Our air inflated 2-ply roof fabric is superior to the single ply fabrics that are the industry standard. Our Thermo Roofs provide a dead air space insulation characteristic, no snow or water accumulation at the eaves, as well as no condensation that drips into the interior of the structure, no wind flutter of material, and strength is added to the structure.

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