Do I Need A Climate Controlled Tent For My Construction Project?

Why You Need To Have A Climate Controlled Tent For Your Summer Construction Projects

As of 2018, the average person works indoors and does not have to worry about the crazy change in climate that can sometimes be fatal. Bad weather can get in the way of getting a job done for those who are in the construction industry. No matter the season, it is much better to be prepared and have options for workers who spend most of their time outdoors. Temporary Warehouse Structures has climate-controlled construction tents with indoor space for the performance of all job duties. People in the construction industry have to deal with all different kinds of weather conditions and they do not have the leisure of working indoors so it is very important that they have alternative options to combat bad weather. That is why a climate-controlled construction tent is needed for outside projects. Construction crews work outdoors and are subject to all different types of weather conditions. Sometimes the weather will be ideal for being outdoors, depending on the city and the local climate. However, when the weather turns cold – work crews have to deal with freezing weather conditions and sometimes working conditions that are life-threatening. The truth is that Mother Nature always has tricks up her sleeves and all we can do to prevent injuries is take the extra step to increase safety for outdoor workers. To keep your construction projects and crews running successfully and smoothly, purchase a climate-controlled construction tent. Temporary Warehouse Structures has offers construction tents that are made specifically for climate control to keep you cool during the hot summertime.

Sun Exposure On Construction Sites

Being exposed to the hot summer sun can be harmful to anybody. It can potentially cause all kinds of health problems when too much time is spent in the sun. You don’t have a lot of choices when you work a construction job – crews are often out in the sun for many hours at a time. Excessive sun exposure may potentially cause:

– Skin cancer
– Premature aging
– Sunburn
– Eye damage such as cataracts
– Heatstroke
– Heat exhaustion

When a temporary structure or climate-controlled construction tent is used, it will enable your crew to have the protection from the sun that they need. The construction tent is sometimes used over the actual working area which is all dependent on the kind of job. Construction tents are quite versatile after all and are available in many different sizes.

Your Construction Crew Can Be Slowed Down By The Heat

When performing at the job, your energy tends to be zapped, the hotter that you get the more difficult it gets to complete certain tasks. Heat can be very draining and can dehydrate you if you are not careful. This is a big part of the reality of construction crews who have to battle the heat every day. When there is a production deadline that you have to meet, you need to make sure that your crew is able to keep up with the project so that the time limit is met. With construction tents, you are providing a resting area for your employees where they can sit down, relax, and cool off. During the winter you can provide a construction tent so they can rest in a warmer area.

Construction Tent OSHA Requirements

Your crew is going to need a space where they can rest and catch their breath away from the harsh weather. OSHA also requires that employees be kept safe from the heat. When you choose a climate-controlled construction tent, it will provide your crew with a dry, cool or warm, safe environment where they can rest. The safety of your employees should be your main priority.

Equipment Protection With A Construction Tent

Having a climate-controlled construction tent will protect your equipment as well. It isn’t only your crew that needs protection from the sun or bad weather. The sun constantly beating down on a construction site affects your equipment as well as your crew. The sun may cause rotting rubber and overheat. A necessary piece of equipment can be transformed in a non-functioning pile of metal that can put a sudden halt to your construction project. When you team up with Temporary Warehouse Structures, you can avoid these types of situations by ensuring that your equipment stays protected. A climate controlled tent is large enough to store your equipment in any time you are not using it.

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