Stay Cool All The Time With A Temporary Warehouse Building

Beat The Heat With Temporary Structures

It is during the summer season that the risk of heat exhaustion and similar heat-related health disturbances and accidents are at the highest levels. Summer season is when precautions must be undertaken to keep employees safe and to prevent any potential life-threatening occurrences.

Temporary Structures As Work/Food/Heat-reduced Structures

Temporary structures have many benefits to reduce extreme heat exposure. A work or food tent enables on-site workers to get a break and eat under a shelter, protecting them from the sunlight and brutal heat. Warehouse temporary structures keep sensitive products, as well as employees, protected from harmful exposure. To protect officers and servicemen and women, structures that are similar could be built. These structures can also protect employees and other personnel from harmful elements that could hinder their job performance and prevent progress from being made.

Amenities That Can Help Beat The Heat

There are lots of amenities, including HVAC systems with dehumidification capabilities, that can be added to any structures. Putting in an HVAC system, that is more practical for sealed off structures, provides workers, personnel and guests a structure that has a temperature-regulated environment. In locations in the country, such as the Mid-South, with high humidity levels, dehumidification helps. Combining these applications increases worker productivity and reduces the risk of heat exhaustion and heat-related illnesses that can be a detriment to a working environment. We provide many fabric top varieties that a business can add to any structure to reduce the effects of the summer heat. The translucent toppings offer a chance for natural lighting to occur and that produces a bright interior during the daytime hours. It is recommended for warehouse structures and construction covers due to their lightweight material and due to their use of natural light. The kind of fabric top reduces the risk of UV light exposure that workers and clients endure while working inside the structure. Still, an additional type of fabric top is the opaque or blackout top. It gets rid of any light and keeps the interior cool for workers and other personnel to enjoy. For locations that have limited access to resources, water services are also available. The tankers provide restroom and water facilities for workers giving them fresh water and a cool shelter to take a break.

General Heat Safety Tips

  • Staying hydrated is important. Drink lots of fluids throughout the day to lessen heat exhaustion. Make sure water coolers and other sources of fresh drinking water are spread about and available for workers.
  • Wear the right clothes. To keep the body cool wear light colors and lightweight fabrics. Make the work attire acceptable for extreme heat while keeping it true to dress code.
  • Keep the skin protected. Only shade or covering can keep ultraviolet rays, a natural companion to sun exposure, from harming workers. Ensure workers apply enough sunscreen.

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