Achieving A Little Wiggle Room With Temporary Structures

Why Leasing a Temporary Structure Offers Your Business Greater Flexibility

The economy is continually changing. Business owners must be prepared for tumultuous times since there are so many economic unknowns. When your company needs a new structure, we can help your bottom line and save your production timeline with our temporary structures. We offer flexible terms, long-term rentals, installation, and removal. The power and convenience of leasing temporary structure can’t be ignored.

Flexible Terms

  • Leasing offers an inexpensive solution. You don’t have to worry about making a long term commitment.
  • The lease can last for as long as you need it. You have the freedom to expand the original contract if required.
  • Leasing is cost-effective. Payments for the temporary-structure is fixed for the term of the lease and includes installation, maintenance, and removal.

By leasing equipment, your company avoids making a long-term commitment which gives you the ability to use the newest products on the market.

Flexible Onsite Installation and Removal

  • We have over one million square feet of temporary structure available for immediate delivery. Our company has the ability to construct as much as 10,000 square feet of structure per day. We have a quick response time which means we can deliver based on your company’s needs. We have a team of expert projects managers who are able to ensure that each customer’s needs are met with timely and professional service.
  • We can install temporary structures on most surfaces, including concrete, soil, and asphalt. You do not need a permanent foundation. If your needs change, we can dismantle, redesign and relocate a temporary structure to a new location on the job site.
  • Since temporary structures are modular, they are easy to set up and remove. The modular design also means that they can be reduced or expanded to fit the needs of the project. You can even attach a temporary structure to a pre-existing building. We have a connecting tent system at attaches to your building with a seal. We can also install the structure close to your building, which would avoid the cost of additional renovation.
  • Since our structures are temporary, they are a simple solution that can be installed and removed, as needed, for various projects.

Flexible Pricing for Long-Term Rentals

  • A lease is not a loan. A loan reduces your line of credit, with a lease you’re using a new credit source.
  • Rented structures are exempt from property taxes.
  • The money you save by leasing the temporary structure can be used in other areas of the business including sales, marketing, operations, promotions, product development, and expansion.
  • A lease removes hidden fees. Since we oversee the initial installation, deconstruction, and maintenance, your company’s bottom line won’t be impacted by the possibility of unpredictables charges.
  • If you purchase a permanent structure with borrowed money your company’s liability will be increased by your liquidity would decrease. Leasing does not hinder your company’s liabilities or assets.
  • Leasing and financing allow your company to pay over a long period of time. The payments you make with tomorrow’s dollars may not be as valuable as today’s dollars.

Our company’s structures are flexible but temporary. Our fabric structures are long-lasting, engineered to meet high safety standards across various industries. Oru structures have a lifespan of 20 years. While these temporary structures may stand for decades, you don’t have to commit for that long. Unlike traditional permanent structures, after your project is complete, so is your commitment to the structures. You pay for the time you need the structure.

Do you have a project that could benefit from the flexibility of a temporary structure? We are the leading providers of industrial tents. Call us and let us customize a solution based on your company’s needs.

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