The Importance of Customizing Your Temporary Storage Buildings

Customization Is Key To Portable Buildings

Temporary Warehouse Structures has been able to perfect customized fabric structures, and they can be built according to your specifications. The installed-to-order structures provide you with the optimal performance to help keep your project on target when it comes to profitability and productivity. Our portable storage buildings may be built at any length and on any terrain. Our structures’ modular designs also allow for size adjustments, expansion, and much more.

An aluminum box beam framework holds our Temporary Warehouse structure together. This allows for accessory items to be installed in a seamless manner. In case your project needs to be changed, welded attachments or fittings can be added by Temporary Warehouse Structures to your existing structural frame. That will eliminate the need for a secondary framing – since those can be expensive – which results in big cost savings for you.

There is a long list of amenities that can be added to fabric structures.

Anchors can be installed in order to accommodate surfaces that are unpredictable, including gravel, concrete, and pavement.

Every Temporary Warehouse structure comes with a custom fabric called Ferarri Precontraint Fabric that has been engineered in order to provide dimensional stability. The fabric is very durable and prevents any accidental tears from spreading. The Fabric Top is pre-stretched so that sagging can be avoided and the warranty is for over 15 years. A PVC fabric membrane is used by Temporary Warehouse Structures in order to ensure that, if necessary, the structure can be completely portable. Fabric tops can either be a blackout or translucent, depending on what the needs of your project are.

Temporary Warehouse Structures may be equipped with a couple of different doors. The most commonly installed ones are roll-up overhead doors and personnel doors.

Our structures can have several different flooring options installed. The most common one used in industrial environments is ExpoDeck flooring since it is able to bear heavy weight. We also have Hexadeck flooring available, but we usually recommend that for shorter duration projects. Other flooring options that are available include Bravo-Zulu, thermo-plastic flexi, and modular wood. If you want to be able to accommodate guests inside of your temporary tent or structure, we have several different options available, including carpeting, bil-jax staging, wood-polished flooring, and dance floors. Clear custom engineered covers may be installed on top of a swimming pool or a small body of water to provide a unique look and added space.

The lighting systems found in brick and mortar buildings are also found in our fabric structures. We can also install additional lighting to accommodate different industrial needs.

We can also add HVAC systems (dehumidification, heat, and air conditioning) to our temporary structures. Our inventory also includes portable heaters and large fans and you can rent those to ensure that your guess and workers stay comfortable. Our steel walls can fully insulate your customized structure.

Temporary Warehouse Structures not only offers insulated steel walls but also vinyl walls (custom color, cathedral window, clear, or white walls), glass walls (permanent and professional looking) and insulated hard walls (which provide light control and acoustical advantage).

In addition to the broad selection of accessories that can be installed, several technical elements also can provide customization, including purlins, roof cables, rafters, corner and have connections, overhangs and valences, gable walls, gable ends and much more.

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