Are Temporary Fabric Structure Permits Necessary?

When are Permits Necessary for Temporary Structures Made from Fabric?

Fabric structures that are designed to be temporary, like temporary warehouses, often provide a large advantage over full new construction.

Cost savings, flexibility for the long term, fast installation, and energy efficiency are some of the reasons that these temporary buildings can often be a good choice to meet your needs. Since structures that are engineered to be temporary are created to hold up to severe weather, you also are not losing function in order to gain this flexibility.

Do structures like this need a building permit?

Often when it comes to business continuity, it’s important that temporary fabric structures are installed as fast as possible. These temporary fabric buildings can be erected in only a few days. This may be able to save a project when your main goal is to hit your deadline or to minimize the amount of downtime you have.

Because these structures are so fast and easy to use, it is easy to make the mistake of viewing them as if they are not buildings and shouldn’t require permits. However, this mistake could be a costly one.

It’s important to contact your local officials as early in the process as possible to determine if a permit is required in your area. These regulations will be different from one municipality to another.

There are also a few other key factors to keep in mind as you start the process:

The location of the structure and how long it will be up may also affect if a permit is necessary. You should be ready with this information when you make the phone call.

You should also contact your local fire department and learn about any requirements that they might have, which may also require you to submit plans as part of the application process. Your temporary building may need signage, extinguishers, and proper fire exits for it to be legal.

In addition, you’ll need to determine if your city will need the building to be able to hold up to a specific amount of wind.

These temporary buildings are perfect for quite a few projects. Save yourself time and money by spending a bit of time early on in your project to research the permit regulations carefully.

You may need a temporary structure permanent, which is often required for anyone setting up a non-permanent shelter in the municipality documentation should also be submitted accordingly anytime an event requires the usage or installation of temporary structures or equipment to ensure that it is fully legal.

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