Eave Height Adjustments For Temporary Building Structures

Temporary Building Structures & Height Adjustments With Temporary Warehouse Structures

Building size is expressed with two numbers. One represents the width and the other represents length. The height of the building is often left out, but with certain applications, both the eave and peak heights are especially important. The height of a building’s eave or its clear height is described as being the distance from the ground to the bottom of an eave’s strut. The wave height is defined as being the lowest part of the fabric up to the building’s clearance. Peak height is higher than clear height. For aircraft hangars and other industrial use, the eave has to be as high if not higher than the materials or equipment that will be stored inside.

Considerations for Eave Height in Aerospace and Aviation Fabric Structures

Fabric building doors are determined by the eave height. Make sure that the door opening is not taller than the wall that is supporting the structure. Fabric aircraft hangars have to have a door opening that is tall enough to handle the vertical stabilizer. The plane must have enough clearance to be moved in and out of the hangar. With MRO or aerospace industry applications, the eave height has to allow jacking inside. This could mean that it has to be a few feet taller than the plane. The minimal eave height should allow clearance for widgets even when the plane is being placed on a jack.

Benefits Of Getting A Custom Temporary Building Structure

Warehouse and light industrial sectors require buildings with more clearance at the haunch. The sidewall height lets there be more room for racks, circulation paths and trucks. There are plenty of reasons to consider getting a custom fabric building rather than a pre-fabricated structure. Tall vertical dimensions and custom eaves are two such reasons. The design team at Temporary Warehouse Structures will consider all the aspects of your application when engineering your structure. Not every manufacturer will be able to customize the building’s clear area and height. We know that all building dimensions are important to make your operation run with plenty of room efficiently.

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