Choosing The Right Fabric Building For Your Event

How To Ensure Safety At A Large Event – The Role That Fabric Buildings Play

Within the event industry safety is a very familiar topic. Host cities, venues and event planners have all worked hard to improve security and safety measures and also established technologies and best practices to ensure safe and smooth execution. In light of recent worldwide and national events, event safety has increasingly become more complex. It is more critical than ever for guests to feel safe and secure in order for an event to be successful.

Safety should be involved in every aspect of an event you are planning. Venue and event managers time after time credit safe and successful event execution to having world-class work crews, strong communication, and thorough planning. This high level of planning includes choosing the best fabric structure vendor and temporary storage tent in order to ensure that your event runs safely and smoothly.

Choose Your Partners And Evaluate Your Risks

  • How many people are going to attend your event?
  • How many structures are you going to need?
  • How large is the space for the event?

Will you be using just a secured building, all fabric buildings, a temporary storage tent, or a mixture of these? When you answer these questions, it can help you determine what your risks are, and who is the best person to plan for them. Private, small events like outdoor weddings can be managed successfully by a temporary fabric building company, especially when partnered with an experienced event planner.

However, when you have a larger scope, it is best to partner with a full-scale production firm along with an experienced fabric structure company. Production companies that have experience with music festivals have a thorough understanding of the unique challenges associated with loud bands and large crowds. Temporary Structure event firms who have experience with high-end galas know how to provide the red carpet experience to your VIP guests and ensure the valet parking gets people home efficiently and quickly. Make sure to research any potential vendors by thoroughly inspecting each company’s experience, safety certifications, safety plans, expertise, and capabilities. However, beyond being able to manage event detail, the most important thing perhaps that a qualified partner can offer is expertise in risk management and safety for special events. You definitely don’t want to leave the safety of the crew and your guests to chance, after all.

Don’t Allow Your Event Plans To Be Ruined By Severe Weather

If you are planning to hold an outdoor event, then you most likely have thought about the weather already. You need a temporary structure that can provide shelter from the rain or wind and shade from the sun, but how about more serious weather conditions?

Extreme cold and heat are not only unpleasant, they also are potentially dangerous. Guest may get overheated quite easily if they don’t have access to a climate-controlled space and water. Lightning strikes may cause explosions, fires, damage complete electrical systems, including very valuable technology and equipment, along with personal injuries. Fortunately, when you partner with an expert structure provider it can help to lessen your risks to weather-related issues.

Planning For Unexpected Events: Medical and Fire Emergencies

An experienced production company and temporary structure supplier can work closely with you and help you select the best fire-resistant structures and also figure out where your guests may be at risk for being injured and either entirely eliminate the risk or minimize it as much as possible. OSHA recommends that you work with local authorities closely on any safety permits that are required and to arrange to have emergency service professionals on-site at your event. You can include a custom temporary storage tent for your event for the professionals to stay in during your event.


Not every situation can be completely controlled at an event, no matter how well you plan. However, you can have plans for how to handle emergencies and other situations to be better prepared. Assess your risks and then find professional experts to partner with to ensure that your temporary structures provide safety and enjoyment to everyone involved.

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