Knowing What Fabric Is Best To Your Tent Structure

What Is The Ideal Fabric To Suit Your Tent Structure

The best time of the year is here! There is lots of shining sun and warm weather. The time has come for backyard parties and barbeques, along with many other events. Whatever kind of event you’re going to host, you need a robust tent structure to provide shade and cool to all who show up.

Choosing the best tent material is of paramount importance when you when to give your family, friends, and guests protection from moisture and the sun’s harsh UV rays. Many people assume that awnings or other awning structures and tents get manufactured from identical materials. This is actually false. Picking the wrong structure fabric can hamper your fun and festivities.

The following are a handful of the best choices for structural fabric, whether you are hosting a party or just going camping:

Engineered Vinyl Fabric

This is typically the ideal choice for any party, awning, tension, or tent structure. Temporary Warehouse Structures proudly provides professional advice, tips, and specialized engineered vinyl products that suit your needs for fabric structure. Temporary Warehouse Structures additionally has a comprehensive lineup of advanced high-performance technical textiles which are custom manufactured to suit the wide range of needs across the market, be it sidewall applications, party tents, or clearspan structures.


Other than specially engineered products, nylon might be the most popular choice across the modern market. Nylon is something that can be waterproofed, and it also brings an element of breathability to your tent. Nylon’s durability makes it an effective choice for any fabric structure.

Polyester & Vinyl Composite

Another frequent choice with many users, this composite features the best qualities in both polyester and vinyl. This durable composite lasts far longer than many other options, and yet it’s still quite easy to clean. If you are going to use a fabric structure in a rather humid climate, then you might take advantage of its waterproof nature. You never want moisture getting trapped inside your structure where it might start growing molds or mildew.

Rip-Stop Nylon

This makes a good choice for outdoorsmen. Ripstop nylon has heavier fabrics woven into the construction, which helps prevent tearing. This might seem great for a camping tent, but it does make the material heavier in weight.

Keep in mind that cotton canvas was once quite a common material for these kinds of structures. However, improved engineering and technological advancements have meant that this material isn’t used nearly as much as it once was. Now, you’re able to buy a fabric structure which gives you protection from UV rays while also being mildew-resistant and waterproof.

Temporary Warehouse Structures provides numerous products that meet the specifications listed here in a wide variety of designs and colors to suit your aesthetic tastes or needs. Temporary Warehouse Structures makes sure that their products and tent fabrics offer you optimal performance through stretch-resistance and premium dimensional stability.

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