Importance Of Fall Prevention In Fabric Structures & The Development Of Tie-Off Safety Standards

Get to Know Your Tie-Off Safety Standards and Learn the Importance of Fall Prevention in Fabric Structures

Do you only believe in offering the bare minimum to make your customers happy? No, right? We do not either. In fact, we constantly keep in touch with our customers. Our crew always tries to exceed the on-site safety standards and sometimes they have even crossed the OSHA requirements. We believe that safety is important to your project budget and timing. Fall prevention or tie-off safety from fabric structures is a very common topic because of the practices related to the standards of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). For those who have not heard of this term before, here is a brief synopsis: there are times when workers are vulnerable to potential dangers because of the height at which they work. To prevent any accident, safety precautions are implemented. Framed scaffold with a guardrail or staircases… are both examples of basic fall protection. The tie-off safety requirements come with different levels. The attraction of the Temporary Warehouse Structure is its easy installation. It uses two beams that are curved together and tied at the top. This helps to form a steady peaked arch.

Installation Of Fabric Structures

A good thing about the beams is that since they are hyperflexible, they can detach quickly. You can easily expand or relocate the structure without too much of a hassle. Also, the fabric structures are weather resistant. They can easily use the beam cover to keep the trusses safe. There was a challenge when in one of the installations, workers had to be taken at a height of more than 40 ft to secure and attach the beam cover. Interestingly, the OSHA safety standards were met but the site-safety officers worried that the fall prevention measures were still not up to the mark. So, an alternative was used where a lifeline system with a tensioned rope between the two anchor points, a double-yoke lanyard, a harness, and two robe grabs were used. It was important to come up with a quick alternative because if there is a delay in installation, the timeline would increase and that would increase the budget too. Apart from site safety, it was important to keep everyone involved in the task and to make the Warehouse Structures’ strategy successful. You can get a free quote with Temporary Warehouse Structures anytime you are ready.

Single Point Tie-Off Vs. Lifeline System

Why was the lifeline system preferred than the single-point tie-off method by the safety officers? In layman’s terms, the OSHA standards were met but because different sites require additional safety standards, the safety officers wanted extra precaution. It is mandatory for each site to report an incidence rate of the workplace injuries. That is why extra measures were taken. Also, it becomes kind of important to opt for extra safety in projects that are complicated. The tie-off safety concept may seem to be simple enough but it requires a lot of intelligence and foresight. Safety of fabric structures is important because there is nothing worse than the false sense of job-site security. This made the lifeline system perfect setup that could be used and trained easily. Because of so many benefits of the fabric structures, the Temporary Warehouse Structures implemented the lifeline system that was used for installation on all the sites and every worker who worked at similar heights had to use that system.

The Benefit: Importance of Employee Safety

The lifeline system has successfully brought the employee injury rate to a great extent. All this has been possible because of a tensioned line attached to the two anchors instead of connecting to just one anchor. This system of easily transferable and the concept can be implemented if you have a basic knowledge. For us, it has been a huge boon because we can now make sure that all structure installations are efficient and safe at the same time. Our team at Temporary Warehouse Structures understands that in order to achieve work-zone success, employee safety is critical. We always focus on employee safety first because we are aware that job-site injuries can be prevented with considerate safety precautions. Since injuries can impact the project timing and project budget, we have implemented the lifeline system to show how Temporary Warehouse Structures can adjust to the safety standards for fabric structures so that we can serve you better and keep the employees and community safe.

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