How To Get The Most Out Of Your Temporary Building Project Managers Pt1

Two Ways You Can Expect That Your Temporary Building Project Manager Will Go The Extra Mile P1

Consider the various kinds of people that you interact with on a daily basis – from contractors to vendors to consultants and staff. Would you like people saying “yes” to each request that was made, whether it is the best solution or not? Or would you like people who are not afraid to speak up and say there may be a better approach that can be taken? It might be obvious, but a basic agreement is frequently the path of least resistance. Often that is what numerous temporary structure vendors mistakenly believe is good customer service. You may be happy getting a fast response to a request over the short term. However, as the saying goes, “you really don’t know what you actually don’t know.” Genuine trustworthy advisors respond to your questions and requests with their expertise – through providing you with an entire range of options as well as the potential rewards and risk of all of them. When there are millions of dollars at stake, one of the major aspects involved in the industrial project’s success is effective project management. There is a world-class temporary building project manager behind each well-managed project. Whether you are searching for a temporary warehouse, short-term turnaround facility, or industrial lunch tent, it is key to make sure that your temporary building project manager develops into a true partner in order to deliver an on-budget, on-time completion. What does that type of partner look like? That person needs to be a leader who you can rely on to go beyond time management and communication, which are two major competencies.


Temporary building project managers need to be able to develop a trusting relationship that is based on effective, honest collaboration and communication, and efficient organization and time management. Those major skills play an important role in each phase of your project – ranging from initiation up to planning and execution. Effective communication during the initiation phase starts with somebody who understands what your needs are and goes well beyond just asking your basics (general location, a time frame that you need your structure for, budget, and primary purpose of your structure). Experienced temporary building project managers will dig a bit deeper, and ask questions which helps to define your goals and gather details from you that you might not be aware of or think are essential to your project. Those questions uncover information such as potential external obstacles. Therefore, the problem may be addressed before they arise. Those details also can help to inform recommendations in order to maximize your temporary structure project’s efficiency that you might not have been aware of. You should also expect that your temporary building project manager is an expert in your region and industry, so they will be able to uncover obstacles that you might not have considered and also offer solutions when you need them.

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