When Looking To Hire, Pay Attention To These Details

Tips for Hiring the Right Fabric Structure Vendor

Whether it’s your first venture into fabric structures or you’ve dealt with them in the past, choosing the right vendor to get it from is a critical decision. Choosing the wrong company puts you at risk of overspending and delaying your project.

Fabric structures are susceptible to the outside elements, so specialized materials, safety certifications, and skilled workers are required. But how can you tell if a company delivers all of their claims? And when it comes to your budget, do you risk spending more in the long run by neglecting key features to slash down the price upfront? Factor in the tight schedule you need to work with and you have all the recipes for stress.

You should start by vetting potential companies and inspecting their experience, expertise, and specialties. The following are important questions to ask qualified vendors to help you narrow down your list.

Do you provide a customized solution?

A lot of vendors offer a one size fits all solution, but this may not be optimal for your particular project. Each site comes with its own set of challenges, needs, and considerations. You never want to hire a vendor who will rush through the process and simply set up a temporary building structure without any regard to the specific requirements of your project. Testing the soil and evaluating weather conditions, for example, are important steps in ensuring that the structure is anchored correctly. Skipping these steps could mean having an unstable structure, risking the lives of everyone inside. You shouldn’t want any less than the best structure for your project. Choose a vendor that provides a customized solution based on your budget and needs.

How fast can you build a fabric structure?

Do you need a temporary structure immediately? If so, you need to choose a vendor that can work in a faster than average construction pace. Figure out whether the company has any proof that they can install fabric buildings in under 48 hours. The most reputable companies are more than capable of doing this and can showcase studies to back up their claims. Do not forget to ask about the materials used. Other than price, you should also determine how long it will take them to gather everything needed for the construction. A company with a huge inventory ready-to-use materials should be on top of your list. If you’re worried about project downtime affecting your bottom line, then choose a vendor with a fast turnaround, allowing your team to start working without any delays.

Do you follow the local building code requirements when constructing temporary structures?

They might look the same, but not all temporary structures are created equal. Some structures are particularly designed to stand for only one day such as in a wedding. Others, however, are designed for several days such as in a job site. Unfortunately, not all vendors understand the difference. To weed out companies that cannot meet your requirements, try asking them about the local building code related to wind or snow ratings. The last thing you want is for the vendor to tell you, “What does that mean,” or “It doesn’t matter, all tents are the same.”

How many years have you been in business?

Custom-made temporary structures particularly those used in construction sites, warehouses, and blast-resistant buildings for refineries are incredibly complex. If you need something of this magnitude, then calling a start-up company might not be the best thing to do. Instead, search for a reputable company that has a well-known reputation in the industry. Do not hesitate to ask for a list of their clients, read case studies and reviews, and find customer logos on their website. These things will tell you a lot about how satisfied their clients were with the service they received. High-profile clients also indicate that the company certainly knows what they’re doing. Another tip is to figure out whether the vendor has built a structure for a company like yours so you can get an idea of what to expect. Sift through photos for proof.

Have you ever built a similar project?

You know the requirements of working on your workspace like the back of your hand. After all, you live by them every day. But your fabric structure vendor doesn’t have the same level of knowledge, so you need to educate them before the work begins. Look for professional and safety certifications. Some of the most important things to ask about include drug testing, OSHA certification, safety plans, and forklift certifications. It is always frustrating when a project gets delayed just because a vendor does not have the required certifications to work on your job site.

Do you provide a turnkey solution?

What’s great about turnkey clearspan buildings is the fact that the different aspects will be taken care of without worrying about hidden expenses or additional fees. Many companies try to lure in customers by providing upfront estimates with very low price points. However, these estimates usually do not include all the expenses necessary for a smooth operation. Look for a company that takes care of everything from planning the construction, managing the project, installing the temporary building structure, and maintaining it.

Picking a temporary structure provider is a decision you shouldn’t take lightly to make sure that your project goes as smoothly as possible. Taking the time to thoroughly vet potential vendors enables your crew to make the necessary preparations and avoid costly delays.

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