How Do Modular Buildings Overcome Construction Challenges?

How Modular Building Technology And Processes Is Overcoming Construction Challenges

Constructing new buildings is a time-intensive and costly undertaking. Unfortunately, even with the best planning that accounts for seemingly everything, somehow unexpected issues can arise, adding more money and time to the project.

Modular building processes have been used to overcome the challenges that building contractors face, namely short-term building needs and tight schedules. However, it can solve other construction challenges. For instance, if you have multiple construction sites, or you are building in a remote location, or you are building in an area with extreme weather causes delays, using the modular building can help solve some of these issues.

Construction In Remote Locations

Building a structure in suburban and urban areas is fairly easy to accomplish. The construction site is easy to access and there is an ample supply of contractors. This is not the case when building a new structure in a remote area. For starters, there are fewer resources to access. Equipment, inputs, and labor have to travel from far, which adds to the overall budget and timeline.

Modular building processes can help solve some of these issues given that over 95% of the construction is done off-site. Individual building modules are constructed and all the internal and external finishes are installed. Thereafter, utilities are installed and the inspections are done in the fabrication center. The only on-site activity to be done is site-prep, which require a much lower workforce and equipment.

Working On Multiple Locations

When schools, businesses, or any other type of organization undertake expansion in multiple locations, they face the challenges of operating multiple construction sites in multiple areas. For instance, they must keep track of multiple budgets and times lines, physically oversee the progression of the project, and endeavor to maintain consistent product quality. Having to manage multiple construction partners exacerbates the challenges.

When using modular building processes, the construction process is centralized and thereafter, the modules delivered to the multiple locations for installation. Importantly, having just one modular building contractor for all your construction projects is far more cost-effective and efficient as it allows you to purchase building material wholesale. The process is also streamlined as workers can efficiently make copies of the same modules for different buildings at the same time.

Overcoming Weather Delays

Extreme weather typically causes delays. Using modular construction can help overcome the challenges of extreme weather. With traditional building, issues of weather delays are addressed in the timelines and contracts. However, the weather is unpredictable and can affect timelines. Rains, storms, freezing temperatures, lightning, and high winds can cause an unexpected shut down spanning days or even weeks. This can affect the overall timelines and budget.

With modular construction, you can complete all the construction inside a climate controlled facility. This limits the effects of weather on the site preparations and assembly, thereby lowering the work schedule to a minimum. An added advantage is that the climate-controlled facility protects the building materials, thereby eliminating material wastage, and the associated funds.

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